Ashley Judd Shares Tips On How YOU Can Prevent Sexual Harassment In Everyday Life!

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Now that we’re carrying a some-more open and honest dialogue about passionate nuisance and how pervasive it is in society, many are wondering how to strengthen themselves opposite such abuse.

For Harvey Weinstein prosecution Ashley Judd, a answer to that is: practice!

In an new video talk with Teen Vogue, a Double Jeopardy star common a few tricks she’s picked over a years to stop intensity harassers passed in their tracks.

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Admitting that she practices observant “stop” when she’s during home or with friends, Judd suggested a few techniques victims can use to strengthen themselves by station adult to their perpetrators with stern, effective language.

After yelling “That is inapt and unwelcome,” during an hypothetical harasser, she explains:

“I practice. It’s a universe we live in. we get big. we get unequivocally big. Some people get tiny and that’s OK.”

While Judd isn’t fearful pronounce out opposite harassers, she explains that any greeting a plant competence have is ideally current — as those who feel vulnerable contingency do whatever it takes to mislay themselves from danger.

In further to vocalization out on the new allegations she done opposite a film mogul, Judd stressed how critical it is for multitude to keep dismantling a systems that concede nuisance to occur.

Check out a video (below) for a actress’s pile-up march in how to hoop infrequent harassment.

[Image around Teen Vogue/YouTube.]

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