Arsenal have a requested peculiarity to quarrel and compete: Arsene Wenger

Arsenal Arsene Wenger, Arsene Wenger Arsenal, Arsenal football, English Premier League, EPL, Football News, Football Arsenal have finished a year on tip of a Premier League table. (Source: Reuters)

Manager Arsene Wenger has deserted doubts about Arsenal’s pretension credentials, observant statistics behind him adult about a Premier League leaders on New Year’s day.

Monday’s gentle 2-0 win over Bournemouth ensured a Gunners finish a year on tip of a table, above Leicester City on idea difference.

Arsenal have finished a year on tip of a Premier League list on 3 prior occasions in a final 14 years though they could not go on to win a pretension in any of those seasons.

“It shows we that we have a good possibility as a statistics uncover we that 8 of a past 11 years a group who was tip on New Year’s Day won it,” Wenger told reporters.

“I trust that we are mature adequate and that we have a requested peculiarity to quarrel and compete.

“You doubt a mentality, we don’t. We have to arise above that and uncover that we can understanding with all that and we trust we have to be guided by personification improved football and being a genuine group in each diversion and uncover that we can be competitive.

“The many critical thing is to feel, during a finish of a season, that we have given positively all to be successful.

“After that, if somebody has been improved than us, we will accept it, though we wish to quarrel to uncover that we have a chance.

“I will remind we that usually one group won a joining but losing a game. That is Arsenal Football Club. It is not a date (New Year’s Day) that is motionless we win a league.

Arsenal final won a joining in 2004 when a famous “Invincibles” side romped to a pretension but losing a singular diversion that campaign.

Wenger’s group horde third-from-bottom Newcastle United in a joining on Saturday.