Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson ‘Still Plan On Spending Time Together’ After Broken Engagement!

It’s not totally over yet!

As we reported over a weekend, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson reportedly called off their engagement.

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Despite canceling their marriage plans, a dual “still devise on spending time together.” According to a People source on Monday:

“Their rendezvous is off, though they still devise on spending time together… It’s not like they separate and never devise on saying any other again. They only motionless to delayed things down.”

Wait… they didn’t split? Or they only didn’t separate on terrible terms?

In regards to job off a engagement, a insider says a thespian found it formidable to devise a couple’s wedding.

“She satisfied that formulation a marriage right now felt really rushed. It’s not what she wants to do right now. She doesn’t wish to make any rushed decisions and has motionless to take a step behind instead.”

While a source tighten to a Saturday Night Live actor says a breakup is “definitely fresh” for him, a insider believes a settlement isn’t totally out of a question.

“They totally could get behind together since who knows with those two… Honestly who knows — they were entirely together on Saturday.”

Okay… so they DID split, then?

A opposite insider agrees that “it’s not totally over. She upheld him during SNL this weekend, and with them, we never know.”

However, a source admits “the rendezvous being called off was really sudden,” and that Pete and Ariana  “put on this front of being so happy though there were lots of fights and struggles behind a scenes.”


Much like their discerning engagement, their canceled marriage is only as confusing!

The dignified of a story? Don’t order them out only yet!

[Image around Ariana Grande/Instagram.]