Ariana Grande Confirms She ‘Took A Break’ To Take Care Of Herself

Ariana Grande came to her possess invulnerability after a goblin called a thespian out for being idle and posting a video of her pet pig set to her strain breathin, though not a imagination song video. Ouch!

The thespian has really been going by a severe time newly after her ex Mac Miller tragically upheld divided final month, so this commenter severely has no empathy!! 

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While a 25-year-old has been pity snaps from a studio as she works on her fifth album, a star took a time to applause behind opposite a hater on YouTube:

“This epoch is pleasing to me though idk. Been thru ruin and behind and I’m doing my best to keep going. Thought this would make u giggle while u wait for a genuine one bc i took a mangle to take caring of myself for a lil while. My b.”

Totally understandable! Take all a time we need, Ari! Ignore everybody else!

[Image around Ariana Grande/Instagram.]