Argentina’s Fernandez hands over power

Media captionCristina Fernandez addressed thousands of supporters during a convene in front of a Casa Rosada Presidential Palace in Buenos Aires

Argentina’s effusive President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has done an romantic farewell debate to supporters in Buenos Aires.

She urged people to take to a streets if they felt tricked by a new centre-right government.

Conservative Mauricio Macri, who won a run-off choosing final month, is due to be sworn in as boss later.

Mr Macri inherits a horde of mercantile problems including acceleration using during roughly 15%, officials total show.

Other experts put it many higher, during scarcely 25%. Argentina has suffered badly from a unemployment in commodity prices and unfamiliar banking pot have plummeted, creation attracting outmost investment difficult.

Argentina defaulted on a debts final year for a second time in a brawl with sidestep funds.

The new Argentine personality has betrothed a new epoch of change and reconciliation.

Addressing tens of thousands of entertaining supporters outward a Casa Rosa presidential house in Buenos Aires, Ms Fernandez shielded her record.

“We trust in what we have achieved so we need to have a certain opinion to safeguard that these things will not be destroyed,” she said.

“When we feel that those who we devoted and voted for have tricked you, take adult your flags,” she added.

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On her final day in bureau Ms Fernandez denounced a bust of her late husband, ex-president Nestor Kirchner

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President-elect Mauricio Macri (R) on Wednesday played indoor football, with Bolivia’s President Evo Morales an opponent

Ms Fernandez is to skip Thursday’s swearing-in after a dual became inextricable in a quarrel over a ceremony’s location.

She insisted a handover took place in Congress, while Mr Macri wanted it to occur during a presidential palace.

Mr Macri sought a justice claim affirming that Ms Fernandez’s tenure finished during midnight on Wednesday to settle a matter.

During her speech, Ms Fernandez joked: “I can’t speak many given after midnight I’ll spin into a pumpkin.”

Power has been temporarily eliminated to Senate Speaker Federico Pinedo, who will act as conduct of state for 12 hours until Mr Macri’s inauguration.

Meanwhile, a central Twitter comment for a Argentine presidency, @CasaRosadaAR, has been incited into a “Twitter tribute” to Ms Fernandez and her late husband, Nestor Kirchner.

The new man’s “to do” list

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Mauricio Macri is a effusive mayor of Buenos Aires and former boss of football giants Boca Juniors

The stream administration has been regularly indicted of being reduction than pure about pivotal statistics such as a genuine rate of inflation.

The soon-to-be boss has regularly pronounced he could not nonetheless enhance on a fact of his mercantile skeleton until he was means to discern accurately how vicious a conditions was.

While his middle-class supporters will be awaiting a some-more magnanimous mercantile climate, reduction affluent operative category Argentines will be anticipating a new administration protects gratification programmes introduced by a prior government.

Mr Macri indeed betrothed to be a “president for all Argentines”, meaningful a absolute work unions will turn nervous if mercantile remodel turns out to meant cuts.

Without observant so directly, Mr Macri done it extravagantly that Ms Fernandez’s warlike character had shop-worn Argentina’s picture abroad.

Rebuilding family with neighbours in Latin America and allies serve afield, is another pursuit during a tip of his “to do” list.

Challenges for a new president

Ms Fernandez and Nestor Kirchner hold energy in Argentina for 12 years.

She is worshiped by some Argentines for expanding gratification benefits, nationalising some companies and introducing new polite rights such as happy marriage.

But critics contend she combined a enlightenment of handouts and clogged Latin America’s third-largest economy with interventionist policies.

Mr Macri – a outgoing mayor of Buenos Aires and a former boss of football bar Boca Juniors – degraded Ms Fernandez’s elite claimant Daniel Scioli by 51.4% to 48.6% in a run-off opinion final month.

He is a initial centre-right personality to come to energy given Argentina returned to democracy.

Mr Macri has not minute his mercantile policies, though pronounced that he will need to exercise quick and radical changes in sequence to win behind marketplace confidence.

However, Ms Fernandez’s celebration still binds a many seats in a legislature and could make it tough for him to exercise large changes.

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Thousands of supporters came to see Ms Fernandez’s farewell speech

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But her bequest is divisive, with a economy mired in problems