Are we pang from Angelina Jolie syndrome?

Angelina Jolie during 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles Angelina Jolie underwent surety double mastectomy over concerns of patrimonial disadvantage to breast cancer. A chairman inflicted with healthism not usually obsessively monitors each corporeal manifestation, though also starts detecting signs of suppositious sicknesses. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

If we compensate additional courtesy to a luck of dangerous diseases that we might humour from in a future, we are substantially pang from what is being termed as ‘Angelina Jolie syndrome’, a investigate warns.

The politicisation and commercialisation of health issues in today’s Western enlightenment have led to flourishing healthism — a supreme thought of self-preserving behaviour.

This proceed criticises all that fails to fit into a glamorous standards of a beautiful, immature and slim body.

“But even elementary concerns about a ‘standards’ of earthy condition might incite hypercorrection, such as medicine on a healthy body,” pronounced investigate author Evgenia Golman from National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia. More widespread displays of healthism embody a bang in diets, aptness fads, cosmetic surgery, organic food along with a recognition of mobile apps for health monitoring.

“Popular medical process currently mostly shifts a shortcoming for health from medical institutions to people themselves, and shifts a concentration from diagnosis to impediment — including impediment of even quite suppositious pathologies,” Golman wrote in her paper. Preventive medicine positively helps forestall many diseases and can save a lot of resources for families and a state.

But if ‘calculation’ of sicknesses and idealization of beauty and healthy physique standards are accepted improperly — generally in a quite blurb proceed — they can lead to mass depression and a amicable mania with complying to healthist fashion.


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“The many dangerous thing is that such an proceed stigmatises all that doesn’t fit in with a indication of a ‘healthy lifestyle’,” a researcher warned. A young, pleasing and slim physique is apropos not usually a ‘glossy’ cult, though a magnitude for an individual’s socio- mercantile position and even their ‘value’ to society. A chairman not usually obsessively monitors each corporeal manifestation, though also starts detecting signs of suppositious sicknesses. Everything that doesn’t fit into healthist standards (from extreme weight to facial features) can turn an intent of discrimination.

Golman emphasised such sources of healthism as “the politicisation of health” and mercantile feasibility of reduce health caring costs, amicable transformations such as a cult of individualism, as good as “medicalisation of bland life”.

The investigate was published in a Journal of Social Policy Studies.