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Apple vs Amazon – that tech hulk has improved expansion prospects?

In early September, Amazon’s marketplace value fast went over $1tn (£779bn), usually over a month after Apple became a initial open association in a universe to grasp such a feat. Both tech companies have grown over a final few years, though will this continue?

Apple and Amazon are as opposite from any other as apples and oranges.

Apple is a tech association that is also a intelligent consumer brand. Its computers and inclination have mostly been must-have gadgets, and business are peaceful to compensate distant some-more for their products than cheaper alternatives.

On a other hand, Amazon is where people go when they wish to get a product some-more cheaply, some-more easily, or some-more quickly.

Since a iPhone initial went on sale in 2007, Apple shares have soared by 1,100% and have jumped roughly a third in a past year.

As for Amazon, a internet sell hulk has seen a steady, nonetheless rapid arise in a share price, with a marketplace value jumping from $600bn to $700bn in usually 16 days.

In contrast, a same attainment took Apple 622 days.

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  • Is Amazon’s initial offer clever enough?
  • Apple’s marketplace value hits $1 trillion

Although Apple and Amazon offer opposite products and services, they are both record firms and make adult dual of a 5 best behaving record bonds on a marketplace – typically famous as FAANG, that stands for Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google.

Which association has a improved opinion on prolonged tenure growth? Here’s a demeanour during some of a pivotal areas for any firm, and how they are are performing.

Device sales

Traditionally, many of Apple’s revenues have come from a device sales – quite a iPhone, iPad, iMac and iPod.

Apple usually has a 14% share of a tellurian smartphone market, nonetheless a revenues consistently dwarf a nearest competitor.

According to Strategy Analytics, in a initial entertain of 2018, Apple prisoner $61bn in revenues, given Samsung usually achieved $19bn, followed by Huawei in third position with $8bn in revenues.

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The iPhone is renouned with consumers, though people now wait longer before they buy new devices

“Apple’s coherence on iOS inclination has been a strength, though relocating brazen presents a biggest challenge, in that opportunities to grow a user bottom will be limited,” Juniper Research’s conduct of forecasting and consultancy Windsor Holden tells a BBC.

“We don’t trust revenues will decline, though a event to beget poignant new revenues will lessen over time, as increasingly Apple relies on formulating additional value from existent customers.”

Amazon has achieved subsequent expectations over a final 5 years with a devices, that embody Kindle e-readers, Kindle Fire tablets and Echo voice-controlled speakers, though analysts contend it can means to do so.

“Amazon can means a indication where they can scapegoat margins on devices, given they beget income from services and content,” explains Gartner principal researcher Roberta Cozza.

In 2017, there were 1.5 billion smartphone shipments worldwide, according to Juniper Research.

However conveyance expansion will continue to delayed down over a subsequent 5 years, given many consumers in western markets now already possess smartphones.

Apple also faces outrageous foe in all regions from Chinese Android smartphone makers, who are releasing feature-rich reward inclination that are cheaper than Apple and Samsung’s devices.

“In a rival landscape where we have this turn of commoditisation and low cost, it becomes unsure for Apple to heavily rest on hardware sales,” adds Ms Cozza.

Connected home

One pivotal area of business expansion intensity is a connected home.

Both Apple and Amazon have grown artificially intelligent practical personal assistants and wireless intelligent speakers, though in this space Amazon has a transparent advantage.

Apple’s practical partner is Siri, and it recently expelled a Home Pod wireless speaker. Amazon’s practical partner is Alexa, and it has a line of Echo intelligent speakers.

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Amazon has an advantage over Apple in a connected home space

The Home Pod is focused on providing a song experience, while Amazon wants we to use a Echo to control a lights in your home and to conduct your daily life.

And Amazon’s Echo already has a most aloft domicile invasion than Apple’s Home Pod.

“If we pronounce to people in a industry, they contend it’s a lot easier to work with Amazon, given you’re traffic with a most some-more open ecosystem,” says Mr Holden.

“It’s turn unequivocally easy for third parties to emanate apps for Alexa, [whereas] Apple has always tended to be roughly defensive of a control of a iOS ecosystem.”

Ms Cozza agrees. She says that Amazon has been unequivocally active in pulling Echo’s utility in a home, in craving and in cars, given Apple has not, and has distant fewer partners.


When it comes to services, Apple and Amazon’s offerings differ considerably.

Amazon is essentially focused on ecommerce, though detached from devices, it also sells apps, has a cloud computing business Amazon Web Services (AWS), offers video calm streaming with disdainful TV content, and is also in a online payments space.

AWS has valid to be quite remunerative – it has seen sales burst by 49% to $6.1bn in a second entertain of 2018, and a handling distinction has risen to $1.64bn, from $916m in a same duration in a prior year.

Juniper estimates that a cloud computing marketplace for software, height and infrastructure-as-a-service will be value over $145bn in 2020.

Amazon is a largest actor in this market, with a third of a marketplace share.

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Apple is focused on compelling a Apple Music subscription streaming service

“Amazon’s strength in a cloud historically has been a ability to attract an huge accumulation of customers; from vast corporates such as Netflix, to individuals,” says Mr Holden.

“Moving forward, it will be a pivotal actor in a Internet of Things (IoT) movement, quite given a wide-ranging AWS collection and ability to yield corner computing services.”

Apart from devices, Apple is mostly focused on a Apple Music streaming service; Apple Pay contactless payments; and offered song marks and mobile apps on a iTunes Store.

But it could potentially rise other services.

“Apple has other avenues – immersive record in education; and consider about wearables and healthcare,” says Ms Cozza.

“I consider still there are a lot of services and opportunities where Apple can grow.”

Long-term expansion

Both Amazon and Apple are hugely successful businesses, and in fact their corner sum value could encapsulate 25 of a biggest companies in a US.

But that one has a biggest intensity for prolonged tenure growth?

Neil Saunders, handling executive of GlobalData Retail, feels that both companies will continue to grow, though during a opposite pace.

“They’re still unequivocally admired, though there are concerns that Apple won’t be means to keep pulling their iPhone as heavily as it has finished in an epoch where there’s most some-more competition,” he tells a BBC.

Apple’s share cost expansion has seen a lot of stops and starts, he says. It needs another “breakthrough” product and a new mass marketplace to sell to, or a expansion will stagnate.

As for Amazon, given it is a younger association than Apple, it still doesn’t have an determined participation in many countries, so it has some-more room to grow than Apple, that already has a tellurian patron base.

“Amazon is most some-more of a mass marketplace actor than Apple – with some instances we could use Amazon each day,” he said.

“With Apple we would usually buy one product a year. Amazon has a most bigger intensity to scale adult than Apple.”

On a downside, both companies have grown so vast that they now face a hazard of law from a series of governments, to contend zero of additional taxation.

Still, a accord is that Apple and Amazon’s fortunes are doubtful to be dented anytime soon.

“Both companies are confronting issues around regulations. There are issues about taxation, though if it comes down to a true quarrel between Amazon and Apple, afterwards given that Amazon has these several clever strings to a bow, afterwards eventually my faith is that Amazon will win out,” says Mr Saunders.

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