Apple questioning distended batteries in iPhone 8 Plus handsets

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Apple’s iPhone 8 went on sale on 22 September

Apple is questioning a array of reports about battery problems with some of a new iPhone 8 Plus phones.

Over a final week, 6 reports have come to light that uncover a phones bursting detached shortly after they start to be used.

In all cases a battery inside a phone has distended digest a phone unusable.

It is not nonetheless transparent either a distended batteries are a few removed cases or are demonstrative of a bigger issue.

The initial news about an influenced iPhone 8 Plus came from Taiwan. Phones with identical problems have now emerged in Japan, China, Canada, Greece and Hong Kong.

In a statement, Apple pronounced it was wakeful of a reports and was “looking into” what competence have caused a fault.


Apple news site MacRumours, that reported a initial incident, said given a outrageous series of iPhones that had been made it was “common” for there to be a “very low commission of poor units”.

In a blog, Sam Jaffe, from analysts Cairn Energy Research Advisors, pronounced battery grow typically happened during a finish of a battery’s useful life. To have it occur shortly after a product launch was troubling, he said.

“It could be a teenager placement of a pointless production error,” wrote Mr Jaffe.

“If it’s a small bit some-more than that, Apple competence fast be means to brand a battery production line that’s responsible, close it down and keep creation iPhone 8s but any some-more issues,” he added.

Apple’s problems follow Samsung’s knowledge with a Galaxy Note 7 final year.

Hundreds of inadequate Galaxy Note 7s were reported as inadequate shortly after that device launched. The scale of a disaster stirred Samsung to remember and pause a handset. The problem was traced to a pattern flaw.