Apple checking ‘exploding’ iPhone video

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Brianna Olivas

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Brianna Olivas,18, posted cinema of her broken iPhone 7 Plus on Facebook

Apple is questioning claims that a US woman’s iPhone 7 Plus “exploded” and held fire.

Brianna Olivas, 18, from Tucson, Arizona, was sleeping with a phone circuitously when her beloved beheld it smoking and emitting a bizarre noise.

He changed a phone divided from her and took a video, that has left viral, in that a handset can clearly be seen emitting smoke.

Apple has transposed both a phone and a box that were damaged.

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Brianna Olivas/Twitter

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The video of fume entrance from Brianna’s phone after it “blew up” has been beheld over a million times.

Brianna told a BBC that she had beheld a problem with a phone, that she bought in January, a day before it held fire.

“It wouldn’t spin on so we took it into a store,” she said.

“They were means to get a phone on and ran diagnostics. They pronounced zero was wrong with it and all was fine.”

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Brianna Olivas/Twitter

But a subsequent morning she woke to learn her phone on fire.

“I nap with my phone subsequent to me. It was on a bed right subsequent to my head. My beloved indeed changed a phone to a dresser and went into a bathroom,” she said.

“From a dilemma of his eye he saw a phone smoking and listened a squealing sound entrance from it. we woke adult since we listened a sound and afterwards he started lifting his voice.”

Brianna’s beloved grabbed a phone and changed it into a bathroom.

“Right when he put it there, it blew adult and even some-more fume was entrance out,” she said. “The phone melt so bad. we can’t unequivocally explain a smell though it was unequivocally strong. It done a whole unit smell.”

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Brianna Olivas

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Brianna’s burnt phone

Despite a problem with Brianna’s phone, there is no denote of a widespread problem with iPhone handsets.

A orator told digital media website Mashable that a organisation was “looking into” a issue.

But Brianna’s not sleeping with her phone so tighten for a time being.

“The past dual nights it hasn’t been on my bed during all,” she said.

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