Anurag Kashyap on actor-turned-security ensure Savi Siddhu: we honour him though he will have to assistance himself

anurag kashyap on savi siddhu
anurag kashyap on savi siddhu Anurag Kashyap responds to a story of Savi Siddhu. (Source: Anurag Kashyap/Facebook)

Anurag Kashyap has responded to a story of Savi Siddhu, a actor who worked with him in his films like Black Friday and Gulaal. Siddhu is now operative as a confidence ensure in a residential society.

Film Companion did a video on Siddhu, wherein he spoke about his falling fortunes and a tough times he faced after many of his relatives, including his mother and relatives died in discerning period due to that he had to leave operative in films.

Siddhu also pronounced notwithstanding his stream state, he is carefree about destiny’s skeleton for him. The actor combined that he will ask producers for film roles once he has warranted adequate money.

Since a story broke, amicable media users have been seeking Anurag Kashyap to listen to Savi Siddhu’s plight.

And now Kashyap has responded in a array of tweets.

Kashap wrote, “There are so many actors out there who don’t have work. we honour Savi Siddhu as an actor and have expel him thrice when he warranted a role. we honour him that he chose to live his life with grace and picked a pursuit distinct so many entitled out of work actors who have possibly turn alcoholics or squandered themselves away. Nawaz used to be a watchman, we used to be a waiter, we met one actor who sells bhelpuri on streets, we know and actor from Black Friday who drives a rickshaw, a lead from Salaam Bombay used to do a same.”

He combined that to give an actor a purpose in his film would be “insulting.”

“The art and a artist. Savi will have to assistance himself. Only thing one can do is get a casting directors to try-out him for him to acquire a purpose and for that he will have to travel to that casting directors bureau like million others. He has done a unwavering choice and,” he tweeted.

He went on to petition moviegoers to support eccentric cinema starring obtuse famous actors who mostly come from tiny towns to realize their dreams.

“We all make unwavering choices. Go to cinemas and buy tickets for films that has different extraordinary talent like Savi Siddhu to make certain that they continue to be what they are best at, to be a artist they wish to be. That’s all we had to contend . Thank you,” he said.