ANTM Alum Bello Sanchez Claims He Was Raped In Paris & Police Refused To Investigate!

Bello Sanchez goes open with his rape.

Bello Sanchez claims he was raped in Paris and cops did nothing!!

The America’s Next Top Model alum recently suggested to TMZ how he was allegedly intimately assaulted by a male in Le Rouge nightclub’s lavatory box on Jan 30. He claims military didn’t even discharge a finish rape pack immediately following a assault!

It wasn’t until an advocacy organisation stepped in 3 days after after being on a phone with military for 9 hours that they finished a full rape kit.

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Bello hopes creation his rape open will pull Paris cops to investigate, as he believes they discriminated opposite him since of his competition and sexuality. He explained in a video:

“Look for that person, Paris is so easy to find someone, all a buildings are a same color, there’s not unequivocally a lot of place we can censor at. Why did they not demeanour around in that impulse as shortly as they came when we told them? Why didn’t they do that? Why didn’t they ask questions to a confidence guards? They were of no help.”

So horrifying!

The indication continued:

“If we was a small blonde white lady in Paris observant that happened to me things would have been different. we consider my skin-tone, we consider my gender, my sexuality, how we look, we consider all those things had something to do with because we was not given a correct honour that we deserved. That’s what we believe.”

Hopefully Bello’s box will finally be taken severely and investigated!!

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