Anna Duggar Says Josh Betrayed Not Only Her, But ALL Christians When He Cheated! See The Angry Interview Clip!

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This seems like a bit of an over-dramatization…

Anna Duggar stood by her father Josh Duggar‘s side when his seduction liaison broke behind in May, though when it was suggested that he had cheated on her regulating an Ashley Madison account, that’s when she strictly had enough.

Well, now that 19 Kids Counting has been cancelled, it looks like Anna is regulating Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald‘s new TLC special to share her side of a story.

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In a hide look of Part Two of Jill Jessa: Counting On, a mom 27-year-old shares that not usually did she feel hurt by Josh, though that he tricked everybody who deliberate themselves a Christian.

We’d feel bad, though she does seem to caring some-more that he cheated on her than that he molested 5 underage girls as a teenager…

Still, it contingency be flattering terrible to have your whole universe incited upside down.

Ch-ch-check out Anna’s romantic exhibit as partial of Jill Jessa: Counting On (below)!!!

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