‘Anguish': Film Review

A uneasy lady is hexed by a suggestion of a passed teen in Sonny Mallhi’s psychological fear film.

Never determining possibly it wants to be a psychological thriller or a possession-themed fear film, Sonny Mallhi’s directorial entrance does not utterly succeeds as either. Although elegantly shot, strenuously acted and possessing a forbiddingly meaningful atmosphere, Anguish is too exploitative for a artsy throng and too pointed for genre fans.

The opening method depicts a nightmarish unfolding for any parent. Teenage Lucy (Amberley Gridley) is carrying an evidence with her mom Sarah (Karina Logue) as they’re pushing together. When a discontented Lucy impulsively jumps out of a car, she’s run over by a lorry and killed instantly.

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Cut to several weeks later, when teenage Tess (a really effective Ryan Simpkins) arrives in a same city with her mom Jessica (Annika Marks), her father portion in a troops overseas. It’s shortly suggested that Tess has had romantic issues given she was really young, manifested in such function as regularly banging her conduct opposite a wall. Now being treated with complicated doses of drugs and consistent therapy sessions, she’s anticipating for a uninformed start in a new environment.

Fat chance, as she starts pang serious hallucinations after entrance opposite a commemorative to Lucy during her skateboard wanderings around town. She starts display signs of being hexed by a spook of a defunct teen. But is this truly a box of a abnormal or merely a delusions of an emotionally uneasy immature woman?

The film threatens to surge into Exorcist domain with a involvement of a immature clergyman (Ryan O’Nan) who gets some-more than he bargained for. He starts observant a request in front of Tess, who fast takes over and recites it herself before adding, “That’s not going to help.” She also informs him that she’s recently oral to his small hermit who died prolonged ago.

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Mallhi — a maestro writer with such fear films as The Roommate and House during a End of a Street among his credits — is some-more meddlesome in probing his uneasy characters’ romantic states than delivering B-movie shocks. But he can’t assistance himself from delivering an unconstrained array of burst scares, mostly relying on sudden, shrill sound effects to ratchet adult a tension. Contrasting neatly with a generally resigned atmospherics, a device fast proves wearisome. And, unfortunately, it’s not a usually thing that’s distressing about this familiar-feeling movie.  

Production: Anguish Film

Distributor: Gravitas Ventures

Director/screenwriter: Sonny Mallhi

Producers: Sonny Mellhi, Guy Danella

Executive producers: Kho Wong, Malik Bader, Deepak Bajaj, Madan Popli, Kelly Patel

Director of photography: Amanda Treyz

Production designer: David Christopher “Big” Krause

Editors: Andrew Coutts, Matt Diezel

Costume designer: Lana McAllister

Composer: James Curd

Casting: Emily Schweber

Not rated, 91 min.


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