Angelina Jolie’s Team Fires Back With New Statement, Claims Brad Pitt Is Trying To Obscure ‘The Truth’

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Holy. Hell.

There seem to be a lot of unused emotions here — approach some-more than your normal luminary divorce.

If you’ve been gripping adult with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s authorised fight (and we’d know if you’re a small mislaid given it’s been boring for what feels like forrrrever), afterwards you’ll know we’ve seen some major new developments this month.

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Angelina’s group has indicted Brad of not profitable “meaningful” child support, while Brad’s lawyers call bull, reporting that not usually has he paid over 1.3 million in child support, he even LENT her income for a new house!

How most did he lend her? According to a new justice docs, 8 MILLION.

Oh, and they also done certain to call Angie’s latest moves a “thinly-veiled bid to manipulate media coverage.” Well, damn.

All of this is clearly not meshing good with House Jolie, as one of her lawyers gave a following matter to UsWeekly on Wednesday in response:

“Angelina’s filing of yesterday was both legally suitable and factually accurate in all respects. What has been filed by Brad’s side currently is a blatant try to blear a law and confuse from a fact that he has not entirely met his authorised obligations to support a children.”

The matter continues, giving an reason behind a loan and charity some-more discernment from a actress’ side of things:

“Following a occurrence of Sep 2016, Angelina and a children indispensable to pierce from a family home, that Brad chose to keep, including all of a contents. Brad was asked to support in a responsibility of a new home for Angelina and a children, though instead he loaned Angelina money, for that he is charging her seductiveness on a remuneration plan. Angelina will of march respect that loan. A loan is not; however, child support and to paint it as such is dubious and inaccurate. Angelina is seeking Brad to compensate 50 percent of a children’s expenses. He has not. Angelina has had to shoulder a infancy of those but his grant for a past dual years. Child support is not discretionary in California. Typically a father of means would compensate these losses willingly but a need for a ask or justice order. We are carefree that this can be resolved but serve check or posturing.”

Man, oh man.

Remember when we all suspicion they would be a ultimate happily ever after? HA.

Guess a joke’s on us!

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