Andi Dorfman Opens Up About Pushing Past ‘Ego, Embarrassment and Failure’ to Freeze Her Eggs

Andi Dorfman is opening adult about because she chose to solidify her eggs.

The former Bachelorette seemed on Good Morning America Tuesday to foster her newly expelled book, Single State of Mind. (Dorfman, 30, is also a author of New York Times bestseller It’s Not Okay, a tell-air memoir expelled in May 2016 that sum her experience with the Bachelor franchise — and her split from ex-fiancé Josh Murray.)

Speaking to GMA‘s Michael Strahan, Dorfman overwhelmed on a section of her book in that she chronicles her preference to solidify her eggs, revelation that she primarily “did not wish to do it.”

“I felt like we was about to strike 30 years old, and we had listened a lot of friends articulate about it,” she explained. “I always felt like, ‘Oh, I’ll always be during that age, I’ve got this, no worries!’ — and we satisfied we was on a margin of 30 and didn’t have a husband, didn’t have a boyfriend.”

“I knew we still wanted kids, and so we kind of had to pull aside my ego and pull aside this feeling of annoyance and disaster and not being during a indicate in my life where we suspicion we would be, and only kind of make a intelligent decision,” she said.

“I chose to write about it for that accurate reason,” she continued. “I felt like there were substantially women out there that feel a same way, that feel a small bit broke or ashamed and still wish a family though aren’t there yet, and we wanted to share that kind of side of it.”

Tomorrow, tomorrow we adore we ALL. we can’t even contend appreciate we adequate to everybody who has pre systematic and been so supportive. You make each annoying admission value it! Xoxo #singlestateofmind 🤷🏻‍♀️📗🍾

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In her book, Dorfman goes into serve fact about a experience, revelation that there were times that she felt like quitting.

“Sometimes, we consider I’m done,” she writes. “I don’t consider we wish to do this anymore. Why am we putting myself by all this? The needles aren’t painful, though a tears are. What is a indicate of it all? I’m substantially going to finish adult alone perpetually anyway, so because go by this? But afterwards we arise adult a subsequent morning and feel differently.”

Dorfman also admits to feeling “embarrassed and ashamed” during times, instead of “empowered.”

“When we was a immature girl, we dreamed of being married and carrying kids and a whole white-picket-fence s—,” she writes. “I dreamed of it all. Except for frozen my eggs. So I’m not going to distortion and contend that doing what I’m doing feels like a proudest impulse of my life. Instead, I’ll only keep it genuine and contend we consider we done a smartest preference I’ve ever done in my life by doing it. I’m pulling aside inner pressure, amicable norms, and, many of all, my ego and confronting my possess reality.”

“The existence is that we still wish all of those things we dreamed of when we was younger,” she continues. “I still wish a husband, a children, maybe some-more of a penthouse in a city than a picket fence, though we still wish a life like that. I’m only not there yet. we wish to be, though I’m not.”

Dorfman underwent a routine with a assistance of deteriorate 19 Bachelor winner Whitney Bischoff, who works as a flood helper and was previously engaged to Chris Soules. Soules done it to a final 3 on Dorfman’s deteriorate of The Bachelorette in 2014 before heading his possess deteriorate of The Bachelor in 2015.

Asked on GMA if it was bizarre to go by something like frozen her eggs with her ex-boyfriend’s ex-fiancée, Dorfman laughed.

“I mean, it sounds weird, though we don’t unequivocally see Chris as my ex-boyfriend,” she told Strahan. “Yes, he’s her ex-fiancé, though we know, when we date 25 group during a time, they’re not accurately all your exes. But it was good — it was good to have a informed face in a really unknown environment for me.”

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Dorfman also non-stop adult about her knowledge with a dating app she refers to as “celebrity Tinder,” that she sealed adult for during a idea of Bachelor franchise host Chris Harrison, who has turn one of her tighten friends.

“Basically, he had fashioned it into a dating app that is really selective,” she told Strahan. “I found it a small pretentious, though we went on it and out of it came a ton of catastrophic dates that we can review about in a book. And we censure Chris Harrison for each singular one of those bad dates!”

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As for either she’s found adore yet?

“I don’t know,” she said, personification coy. “Then we would give divided book series 3 if we told you!”

But what Dorfman could contend was that she thinks there’s “absolutely” zero wrong with staying single.

“Actually, I’ve had a best 3 years of my life being singular here in New York City,” she said. “I consider generally as a woman, we learn so most about yourself, we are empowered — we’re vital in a time now where women have voices, women are strong, women can be empowered and commission others, and we consider we never truly know yourself until we are independent.”

Single State of Mind is out now.