An Upscale, Trader Joe’s-Like Grocery Store Is Coming to America

Lidl, a German supermarket chain, skeleton to open 100 stores in a East Coast by mid-2018, Business Insider reports. Though this isn’t a domicile name in America, Lidl is a direct aspirant to Aldi, another German bonus grocery sequence who owns Trader Joe’s. Given a recognition of both brands in a States, it creates ideal clarity that Lidl would enhance to a US.

However, a Lidl grocery stores opening in America won’t demeanour anything like they do in Europe. Though in Germany, a UK, and 24 other European nations, Lidl positions itself as a bonus grocery chain, Lidl stores in America will be “[u]nlike Aldi . . . a Lidl will be a hybrid identical to Trader Joe’s or Harris Teeter, though closer to a Trader Joe’s,” according to a association display performed by BI. “We will sell high-end brands, peculiarity not quantity, best products only.” In other words, Lidl is environment itself adult as an upscale Trader Joe’s. There will be locally sourced products, wine, and coffee. While we don’t have an accurate thought of what products will be stocked on store shelves, here’s an idea, formed on Lidl’s Instagram account.

You can design a initial 20 stores to open this Summer in Virgina, North Carolina, and South Carolina. And if you’re not in a East Coast, a sequence might eventually open as many as 600 stores in a US. So, are we intrigued by this new grocery store?