An Actor is Prepared

“Half of Mumbai had already auditioned for a role. we knew we had to spike a part,” says Kumra.

It had to be fate, says Aahana Kumra, one of a 4 leads in this year’s many argumentative film, Lipstick Under My Burkha. The 32-year-old actor scarcely missed being partial of a garb cast. “I met Alankrita [Srivastava, director] and review a book of Lipstick… and was blown away. But we had to let it go since we was sharpened for Anurag Kashyap’s 2014 TV show, Yudh, and my dates with Amitabh Bachchan had been locked,” she says.

The film ran into some problems and was delayed. “Half of Mumbai had already auditioned for a role. we knew we had to spike a part,” says Kumra. She did, and a after this month, Lipstick hits a large shade after a prolonged conflict with a CBFC. When we accommodate in Andheri, Mumbai, Kumra’s fad is foul as she talks about her multi-medium career, salon tricks and what’s next.

Excerpts from a conversation:

In a final dual years, you’ve achieved in opposite mediums — television, sports anchoring, brief films, web array and underline films.What has been a take-away from these experiences?

Last year, we did not rubbish my time during all. we did entertainment as well. Each middle offers something different. In TV, a fun is when we get a cheque; there is zero else to be happy about. But we had a good time operative with my organisation in Agent Raghav: Crime Branch for TV. After that, we immediately went to anchor Pro Kabaddi 2016. we workshopped for a month — training a sport, bargain what live anchoring is about. we schooled that compared to acting, live anchoring is not something that comes naturally to me.All these mediums have helped me know how an assembly thinks. we went to Vadodara for a play and kids there recognized me from a web-series I’d finished called Official Chukyagiri. A lot of organisation we accommodate have watched Agent Raghav and Kabaddi. The year finished with going to Tokyo with Lipstick, that won a Spirit of Asia prize. we wish a lot of women recognize themselves in my impression when they watch a film.

What drew we to a character? How did we ready for a role?

It was how positively unapologetic, and extreme Leela is. Her opinion towards life is unequivocally identical to mine.She’s a pataka. She’s a beautician in Bhopal and a salon is a kind of space where women unequivocally speak and share their lives. They competence not be from a same mercantile class, though women’s problems are a same everywhere. They wish some-more from their lives, and Leela will do all to get what she wants. we know how to do my possess beauty work, from my make-up to a Brazilian wax. The usually thing we had to learn for a film was threading, so we did. After that, we became everybody’s salon lady on a set.

What was going by your mind when a CBFC refused to plead a film in February?

The expel and organisation have a WhatsApp organisation and Alankrita wrote observant that a CBFC has refused to give us a certificate. We started shouting when she sent us a minute — since we were prepared for cuts, though not this. we didn’t know what a minute said. Was it even created in English? Are we revelation me that usually one kind of cinema will be done in India — of a family that eats, sleeps, does all together? There are so many other stories. What about films such as Gangs of Wasseypur, Masaan and Titli? There is an assembly for these films as well. How can we anathema a film in a digital era?

What are we operative on now?

I have a partial in Inside Edge, that premiered on Amazon Prime yesterday. I’ve dedicate this year to theatre, so I’m rehearsing for a play with The Motley Theatre Group. We’re opening in September.

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