Amy Poehler is ‘Tired of Pretending’ She Cares About ‘Star Wars’

Seth Meyers welcomed some aged friends to Late Night on Thursday, hosting a ban of a nearing Tina Fey/Amy Poehler film Sisters.

The comedy opens this weekend, opposing a tiny film called Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and when Meyers charity a stars a probability to encourage their film controlling figurines from a dear sci-fi franchise, tempers ran a tiny high.

“I have examination this guy’s name 3 times,” Poehler conspicuous of her figurine. “I don’t care. we don’t caring about Star Wars and we never f***ing did!”

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“I’m sorry, I’m exhausted of pretending,” a thespian and comedian continued as her associate castmates detonate up. “I’m exhausted of pretending, we don’t caring about it. This guy’s face is secluded up, ‘cause he’s so pennyless that he’s gotta go see Star Wars.”

Some of Poehler’s co-stars had some graceful plain pitches, however. Ike Barinholtz’s figurine was of Kylo Ren, a Sith Lord played by Adam Driver in a latest installment, and a actor did a plain clarity of Driver as he finished his plea.

“Why would we see a film with a male from Girls,” he asked, “when we could see a film with a male from The Mindy Project?”

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Rachel Dratch’s Chewbacca figurine mostly usually finished Wookie noises from his symbol perched on her cleavage, while Maya Rudolph’s BB-8 gave a kowtow to Poehler’s rant.

“I will never know a reason of a genuine woman,” she said, adding some purposeless hard noises. “Please go see Sisters. we don’t have feet.”

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author Paula Pell had John Boyega’s Finn figurine, that seemed to lessen Poehler a bit.

“At smallest he’s a person,” she conceded. “Give a office to an actor for once.”

Sisters is good,” Pell spoke for Finn, before event him to a “space cave,” a.k.a. down her pants.

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