‘America’s Next Top Model’ Ratings Hit Low In Series Finale, ‘Amazing Race’ & ‘Last Man Standing’ Rise

SPOILER ALERT: This story contains sum of final night’s America’s Next Top Model array finale. 

After over a decade of diamonds in a rough, flame-outs and judges like Janice Dickinson, J. Alexander, Niger Barker, Kimora Lee Simmons and Twiggy, a Tyra Banks led America’s Next Top Model (0.3/1) came to an finish with a initial final night. Cancelled on a CW in October, a 22nd cycle of a array announced Nyle DiMarco a winner, ANTM’s initial Deaf competitor and now a initial Deaf leader of a conform existence series.

Finale Part Two: America's Next Top Model Is...While a finish of ANTM saw that initial and was even with a final strange of Nov 20, it was a low ratingswise for a finale. Down 25% among adults 18-49 from a Dec 5, 2014 Cycle 21 ender, Top Model’s array culmination was a misfortune a 12-year aged uncover has ever done. Having pronounced that, final night’s culmination was not a deteriorate low among a demo – that goes to a 0.2 formula of a Oct 23 and Oct 30 shows. Lead-in Reign (0.3/1) was even with a final strange of 2-weeks ago.

ANTM wasn’t a usually low of Friday night with Grimm (0.8/3) down 11% from a final strange of Nov 20 to what is a array low in quick nationals. NBC comedies Undateable (0.8/3) and Truth Be Told (0.6/3) were both even with their final airings of 2-weeks ago while night ender Dateline (0.9/3) was down 25%. CBS’ usually strange of final night was 8 PM’s The Amazing Race (1.1/5), that saw a arise of 10% from a Nov 27 show. Friday’s Blue Bloods (0.8/3) was a repeat though still usually a many watched uncover of a night with 7.51 million watching.

As is a normal on Fridays, CBS surfaced a night viewershipwise, this week with 6.38 million watching. And as is also a norm, ABC was distant and divided a top rated net among a pivotal demo with a 1.4/5 rating off a report of all originals. Opening a night, Last Man Standing (1.3/6) was adult 8% in a demo from a final new uncover of Nov 20 to compare a deteriorate high. Dr. Ken (1.2/5) was even with a final strange of 2-weeks ago while Shark Tank (1.6/6), a top rated uncover of a night, dipped 6%. Ending ABC’s Friday night was 20/20 (1.2/5), a arise of a tenth from final week.

Fox’s MasterChef Junior (1.0/4) was also adult a tenth from a Nov 27 uncover with lead-out World’s Funniest (0.6/2) was even.