‘American power’ Obama pledges to use to strengthen US

Obama Says 'We Will Not Be Terrorized' After California Shooting

Dec 6 (Reuters) – President Barack Obama will tell Americans on Sunday what a supervision is doing to keep them protected following a mass murdering by a integrate in California final week that is being investigated as an act of terrorism, though no vital change in plan was expected.

In a singular Oval Office residence during 8 p.m. EST (0100 GMT), Obama will lay out a certainty stairs a United States has taken given Islamic State’s Nov. 13 assaults in Paris that killed 130 people, as good as given a Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on a United States, an administration central told Reuters.

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Obama pronounced during a new revisit by French President Francois Hollande to a White House after a Paris attacks that a United States and a bloc would step adult efforts to opposite Islamic State. He is approaching to repeat that summary from a Oval Office and, notwithstanding Republican critique that he has not finished adequate to quarrel Islamic State, is not approaching to betray a vital change in strategy.

Obama also will contend he will use “every singular aspect of American power” to destroy a belligerent group, a U.S. central said.

The central pronounced Obama also will give an refurbish on a review of U.S.-born Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and his Pakistani wife, Tashfeen Malik, 29, in a San Bernardino, California, sharpened and denote certainty that a United States will overcome over militant threats.

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Another comparison U.S. supervision source told Reuters that investigators are perplexing to establish if Malik, who Farook brought to a United States on a fiancee visa in 2014, had radicalized her husband’s Muslim faith and what arrange of contacts she had with Islamic militants in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, where she went to pharmacy school.

The integrate had 4 guns, some 6,000 rounds of ammunition and a dozen siren bombs possibly with them or during their rented townhouse in Redlands. The source pronounced investigators are apropos increasingly assured they were formulation mixed attacks though are uncertain of a targets.

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told a New York Times a Obama administration was rethinking a proceed to domestic apprehension since of a San Bernardino assault. He pronounced a United States should beef adult airline certainty by augmenting a series of agents in abroad airports, bolstering standards for visa-waiver programs and improving communications between officials and Muslim communities to assistance locate threats.

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, appearing on NBC’s “Meet a Press” show, pronounced Obama might call for congressional action.

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Loretta Lynch: Obama Will Call On Congress to Take Action

The San Bernardino conflict could give Obama movement with Congress, that has not postulated his Feb ask for grave authorisation of a use of troops force opposite Islamic State. Republicans contend it is too singular in range to better Islamic State while some magnanimous Democrats have opposite it as too open-ended.

White House officials contend Obama has a energy as commander in arch to press a quarrel opposite Islamic State even though a grave congressional authorisation though wants buy-in from lawmakers to denote a one front.


Lynch pronounced a Federal Bureau of Investigation is focusing on what led Farook and Malik to open glow during a holiday celebration with Farook’s co-workers in San Bernardino on Wednesday.

Fourteen people died and 21 were bleeding before military killed Farook and Malik in a travel shootout a few hours later. Federal officials pronounced a conflict was an act of terrorism and are perplexing to establish any links to Islamic State.

Lynch pronounced investigators had conducted 300 interviews and searched several sites associated to final week’s attack. Neither Farook nor Malik was on a list of 900 U.S. residents underneath FBI review for suspected ties to Islamic nonconformist groups.

“I can’t contend definitively right now what led possibly of these dual people to collect adult guns and turn murderers,” Lynch said. “We’re looking during all we can find out about these dual killers’ lives – how they grew up, where they grew up, how they met.

“These dual people – self-radicalized, radicalized by others – that’s what we really wish to learn so we can figure out how to best forestall this again.”

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Facebook reliable that comments praising Islamic State were posted about a time of a sharpened to an comment set adult by Malik underneath an alias. Islamic State pronounced on Saturday a integrate were among a followers.

Even before San Bernardino, concerns about a United States as a apprehension aim were towering by a Islamic State attacks in Paris and skeleton to acknowledge 10,000 refugees from Syria’s polite war.

Lynch pronounced Obama’s residence to a republic would concentration on what a sovereign supervision has finished to safeguard a reserve of Americans and call on them “”not give into fear during this time.”

The San Bernardino attacks will supplement to a discuss on how most energy law coercion and comprehension agencies need to safeguard reserve from extremists. Complaints about a intrusiveness of a National Security Administration led a week ago to a shutting down of a daily vacuuming of millions of Americans’ phone records.

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Democratic presidential claimant Hillary Clinton, who served as Obama’s secretary of state, pronounced she approaching a boss to announce a new proceed to Islamic State that would be “an intensification of a existent strategy,” that focuses on bloc atmosphere strikes.

Republican presidential possibilities demanded tighter certainty standards to quarrel apprehension with Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who is nearby a bottom of polls in a field, pronounced Islamic State was formulation a “9-11 character attack” on a United States.

“It is a matter of time (until) we get strike by ISIL. Not some sole wolf conflict though hardened terrorists are entrance here to strike us tough if we don’t strike them first,” he pronounced on “Meet a Press.”

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Graham: 9/11 Style ISIS Attack Coming to America

Republican presidential claimant Ted Cruz pronounced if he is inaugurated in Nov 2016, a U.S. proceed to Islamic State should be to “carpet explosve them into oblivion.”

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