Amber Tamblyn And Her 1-Year-Old Daughter Nearly Run Down By A Van In Brooklyn

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This is intensely unsettling…

Amber Tamblyn and her 1-year-old daughter were out for a wander on Sunday morning nearby their home in Brooklyn when a outpost attempted ramming a momma and her hiker while they were channel a street. WTF?!

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Amber took to Twitter only hours ago to send a frightful even and ask if anyone had witnessed a occurrence on a bustling travel dilemma and competence be means to help.

She tweeted about what happened, and how it went down (below):


Hopefully she reports that to a military — there are tons of confidence cameras around in large cities and neighborhoods like that, and if military can get an accurate time and plcae on a travel corner, maybe they can lane a outpost that did this.

So scary!!!

[Image around Media Punch.]

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