Amanda Stanton Claims To Have Receipts On Robby Hayes’ Alleged Cheating

Amanda Stanton Claims To Have Receipts On Robby Hayes' Alleged Cheating

Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes are no longer together. Shocking. The integrate separate before Bachelor in Paradise finished on Monday night. Amanda Stanton claims she has explanation that Robby Hayes cheated on her. She pennyless adult with him since there were photos of him with another woman. She also didn’t like that he drank and partied a lot.

Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes’ intrigue began on Bachelor in Paradise. She certified to Chris Harrison that she felt peculiar about their attribute since she knew that Hayes had a reputation. She also suggested that he antiquated one of her friends, associate BIP expel member Sarah Vendal. Amanda Stanton avoided Robby Hayes during a commencement of a show, though she eventually gave into his advances. The dual finale adult dating, though their intrigue didn’t final for long.

The integrate separate right before Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise ended. On a reunion special, Amanda Stanton hinted that Hayes cheated on her. This isn’t a initial time she’s found adore on Bachelor in Paradise. Last season, Amanda Stanton got intent to Josh Murray, though a dual finished their attribute dual months later. Why did Amanda Stanton finish her attribute with Robby Hayes? She told E! News that she was carrying second thoughts about him. She also didn’t like whenever he stepped out on her. She felt “confused” about their situation.

Amanda Stanton Claims To Have Receipts On Robby Hayes' Alleged Cheating

Amanda Stanton also suggested that she doesn’t consider he did anything wrong. She only felt that Hayes was not prepared for a critical relationship. Amanda Stanton has finished it transparent that she wants to get critical with him. She pronounced that she “wishes him a best.” She also pragmatic that he cheated on her, though wouldn’t give any serve details. Now, according to Us Weekly, Amanda Stanton has a profits about his purported cheating.

She tweeted a photo of Robby Hayes allegedly intrigue on her with another woman. Robby Hayes has addressed a rumors on Twitter and pronounced that he will not turn a plant of “social media attacks.” He also suggested that he felt like he was “sitting subsequent to a stranger” during a reunion. Hayes slammed Amanda Stanton for gripping adult with her “innocent persona” and for swelling rumors. She responded to Hayes by essay a line “Look what we finished me do,” referencing Taylor Swift’s new single.

Amanda Stanton is not finished speaking. She’s divulgence some-more about their separate to People. She pronounced that she was finished with Hayes’ merrymaking ways. She wanted to go all in with their relationship, though she didn’t feel right when she saw photos of him holding hands with another girl. That’s when she motionless to finish things. Amanda Stanton also suggested that Hayes was opposite from how he seemed on Bachelor in Paradise. What are your thoughts on Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes’ split? Are we surprised? Sound off next in a comments section.

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