Alton Brown Hacks a Recipe For Cheetos Dust and Warns It’s "Extremely Habit Forming"

Be forewarned, a ensuing brew is intensely robe forming. Link in profile. #nationalpopcornday

A print posted by Alton Brown (@altonbrown) on Jan 19, 2017 during 9:25am PST

Alton Brown famously pronounced a “best season on Earth” is Cheetos. We have to agree, and that’s what desirous him to rise a recipe for umami dusted popcorn. Alton’s assured he’s “cracked a code” on a cheesy dirt found on Cheetos, that he shakes into buttered popcorn. This isn’t a highfalutin recipe, either. Cheddar cheese powder and green-can grated parmesan are only a few of a essential ingredients.

Take a demeanour during a full recipe here: triple cheese popcorn recipe.