Alleged Child Molester Joel Kramer Reacts To Eliza Dushku’s Accusation: ‘She Has Just Ruined My Career’

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Fallout is now entrance in after Eliza Dushku took to Facebook overnight to fact a horrific story of being molested as a 12-year-old actor operative on a film True Lies, and a male she indicted — stuntman and attempt coordinator Joel Kramer — is denying everything.

Kramer spoke to a New York Daily News this afternoon to vehemently repudiate all a passionate attack accusations levied opposite him by Dushku in that Facebook post.

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For one, he pronounced he was “flabbergasted,” and that he was “shaking” since he was so dissapoint about a allegations, all of that he deems to be finish lies.

He said, in partial (below):

“It’s something we would never do. we don’t know where this comes from. we am positively floored, she was a honeyed child we am positively in startle right now. we don’t know since she would do this to me. It is not true.”

And Kramer also takes emanate with one unequivocally minute apportionment of Eliza’s account, where she describes a float with him in a taxi. The stuntman claimed he never would’ve taken a taxi, since a film would’ve supposing him with a automobile while he was operative there.

Kramer recounted (below):

“I was a one pushing a automobile — a association provides me with a car. What a ruin is she articulate about it. Absolutely crazy. we only don’t know it. Be good to somebody, provide them good and this is what happens.”

There’s a unequivocally uncanny tidbit in a piece, too, where Kramer somehow tries to spin a passionate bungle allegations behind around on Dushku. At one point, a attempt coordinator told a Daily News that a set helper on a film had told him Dushku had a vanquish on him, and that he “had to be unequivocally clever around her.”


Regardless, Kramer has remained indifferent in denying everything, even going so distant as to acknowledge it’s expected a finish of his career (below):

“I consider she has only busted my career … what’s left of it. we never ever did anything like that to her.”

So that’s his take.

Dushku is unequivocally minute and convincing with hers.

Serious stuff.

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