Alexa Bliss Says WWE Title Belt Had To Be Shortened To Fit Her, Talks Filming "Total Divas" In Japan

Source: Great Day Houston

WWE Monday Night RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss recently did an speak with Great Day Houston to speak about a accumulation of veteran wrestling topics. You can check out a highlights below:

Why she chose to get into veteran wrestling:

“It’s such an extraordinary sport, we watched it flourishing adult and it was never unequivocally something we knew we could get into, though once we got a event we knew we had to get on it and we knew we had to try for it. we told my mom, we said, ‘Mom I’m going to try out for WWE.’ Her response was, ‘The heck we are!’ She was like ‘You’re are not doing that!’ So we had to try out though her meaningful though know she’s like a biggest believer and so unapproachable of me.”

Being on Total Divas:

“It’s a lot of fun I’m only starting to get into it. They filmed us all in Japan that was unequivocally cool, we got to dress adult in all these unequivocally cold impression outfits and it was a lot of fun. It’s unequivocally cool, solely like, we myself am a unequivocally private chairman and I’m not as meant as we seem to be. But a been a lot of fun and a been unequivocally cold to see how all works. we only feel bad means infrequently they as me ‘What are we doing this week?’ And I’m like ‘I’m sitting during home with my dogs examination Netflix, what are we doing?'”

What she has to contend to immature kids who’d wish to get into wrestling:

“I would contend wrestling gives we confidence, it gives we strength, it helps we learn discipline, and to know that we have to adore a routine and honour a process, and if we only keep going we can accomplish anything.”

Her championship title:

“This is a RAW Women’s Championship. What’s humorous is – this is a small backstage information – a championship had to be condensed for me since it was so large on me, they indeed had to take off distance to let it fit me. But that’s because I’m ‘Five Feet Of Fury.'”

If we use any of a quotes in this article, greatfully credit Great Day Houston with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for a transcription.

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