Alexa Bliss On Where She Picked Up The Idea To Act Like A Brat

Alexa Bliss spoke with ESPN on a series of wrestling topics. Here are some of a highlights:

Where she got a thought to act like a brat:

“So we was during a airfield and this small child would not go by certainty and only threw a fit in a center of a building and did a whole thing with jolt his legs and arms. His relatives were only station there looking like, ‘We don’t know what to do!’ They were annoyed, and we was like, ‘Man, that’s a unequivocally bratty thing to do and I’m going to do it.'”

Being a conflicting of her gimmick:

“When it comes to a Alexa Bliss character, everybody says a impression has to be an prolongation of yourself incited up. But we feel like we am a finish conflicting of Alexa Bliss. When we came adult with a Alexa Bliss character, we wanted to be a lady that everybody knew. There was always that lady in high propagandize who was meant to everybody. She was meant and bold though everybody still voted for her to be homecoming queen. That girl. And we wanted to execute that girl. Because we knew that lady in high school. we knew girls like that.”

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When she switched divided from a angel gimmick in NXT and built adult her certainty as a heel:

“When we initial assimilated with Murphy, we had to make a impression change. we wasn’t assured in myself about that during all, though we remember my mom revelation me that once something clicks with me … we had to … come in and flog a doorway down and let everybody know who we am.”

Source: ESPN