Alexa Bliss On Getting Angry With "What" Chants, Poor Response To "This Is Your Life" Segment, D-Von

Source: Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast

Recently on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, stream WWE RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss discussed a barbarous ‘what?’ chant, her negatively perceived ‘This Is Your Life’ shred on RAW, and enlisting assistance from hardcore fable D-Von Dudley on her tables compare contra Becky Lynch during WWE TLC (2016).

When asked about how she expertly handles removing a Austinian ‘what?’ chant, Bliss emitted that she initial attempted to scream during a fans to stop a intone and that did not work. ‘The Wicked Witch Of WWE’ knew she indispensable a new tactic, so she sundry a gait of her speech.

“They said, ‘what, what, what’ so shrill and so many times that we legit got prohibited and we was like, ‘I swear to God, if we say, ‘what’ one some-more time,’ and that wasn’t a best approach to hoop it. So after that, we was like, ‘okay, we need to consider of other ways to close that down’ since that didn’t work and it done me legit unequivocally mad. And we was like, ‘okay, if they’re going to try to fit it in, I’m not going to let them fit it in and if they’re unequivocally perplexing to, I’m usually going to spin it around on them.’ So one of them was, ‘Alexa Bliss is a best say, ‘what” and then, one of them, we was articulate about Bayley in a kendo stick-on-a-pole-match, and they were like, ‘what?’ and we was like, ‘I know, right?'”

With honour to her ‘This Is Your Life’ shred on RAW, Bliss claimed to have no preconceived idea of either a shred would be good or not going into a segment.

“Going into it, we don’t know – we didn’t unequivocally have any opinion on it either it would be bad or good. we was usually unequivocally vehement to have fun with it and chuck a small dolls and trophies off a list and usually kind of make fun of Bayley in a best approach we could.”

Bliss pronounced she might be famous for carrying a misfortune shred in RAW history, though she is means to fun about it.

“I know it has been deemed a misfortune shred in RAW history, so we theory that’s always something, we guess, we can hang my shawl on! Exactly, so I’m going both spectrum here, Sam. I’m doing things that are a best and things that are a worst. I’m an all-around performer, we guess.”

According to Bliss, she attempted to abate a mood when a throng started chanting ‘boring’ during a shred and suggested that she felt that a shred could have been most worse than it was.

“When a throng started chanting, like, ‘boring’ and things like that, we remember personification with a people’s names, usually kind of, like, we called Mrs. Flapper, Flaps McGaps and things like that. And we was usually perplexing to abate a mood a small bit and we was like messing with a other actors.” Bliss added, “when it’s solemnly dying, you’ve got to try to collect it adult in any approach that we can, so we was like, ‘do we know what? If this is going to go down, I’m going to have fun with it while it’s going down.’ While it was deemed a misfortune shred in RAW history, we feel like it could have left a lot worse, okay? Okay? It wasn’t that bad!”

Bliss pronounced she did not kick herself adult over a segment’s bad accepting as it was a organisation bid and ‘The Goddess Of WWE’ is usually as good as a people around her.

“With things like that, I’ve never been a chairman to be like, ‘oh my God, this happened since of this person’ or ‘this happened since that person.’ No, it’s a organisation effort. If it did well, it’s since everybody did well. If it went bad, it’s since it’s a organisation thing.” Bliss continued, “we’re all in it together and that’s how we have to be since you’re usually as good as a people that you’re in there with. Do we know what we mean? And you’re as bad as a people you’re in there with. It’s all a dance. You have to work together.

Lastly, Bliss common that she seeks recommendation from veterans when she is faced with a form of compare that she has not nonetheless encountered. Bliss pronounced she sought out a male whose name is roughly synonymous with tables, D-Von Dudley, to assistance with her tables compare opposite Lynch final year.  

“For a tables match, we did ask D-Von Dudley if he had any suggestions or any ideas of how we can even do this since we told him, ‘I haven’t even been by a table!’ Like, ‘how do we go by a table?’ And he was like, ‘just breathe out.’ And we was like, ‘oh, okay.'”

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