ALERT: New Details Have Dropped About Taylor Swift’s New Music, The VMAs, & More!!

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This is not a drill, Swifties!

According to US Weekly sources, Taylor Swift IS dropping a new unaccompanied this Friday (August 25) and will redeem an consequent aria video after this week.

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An insider revealed:

“The aria is poppy.”

A second source says a Shake It Off musician will redeem her sixth publishing in a circuitously future, explaining:

“She’s being unquestionably wily about it, yet it’s going to be a unquestionably good one.”

Also of note, it’s conspicuous Joe Alwyn‘s partner will attend a 2017 VMAs — hosted by frenemy Katy Perry! Mmhmmm…

As we reported, after deletion all a ease from her social media pages, a 27-year-old confused fans on Monday when she posted a puzzling video where an unidentifiable animal slithers a tail.

While many trust a organism is a lizard (in stress to a #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty play with Kim Kardashian), Joseph Mendelson, Ph.D. — executive of examine during Zoo Atlanta — thinks otherwise.

He told Inverse:

“That is not a snake, nor other reptile… It indeed changes a length of a body, that is what worms or octopus tentacles do. Snakes, even a confederate of unquestionably rare ones out there, can’t technically accomplish this.”

Luke Linhoff, a Ph.D. petitioner during Florida International University, is also doubtful.

“Even a many dragon-y, dragon-like lizard we know, Xenodermus javanicus, doesn’t feeling like that.”

Linhoff thinks it’s presumably an octopus leg or a “funny-looking” ophiuroid also famous as a frail star. He continues:

“But let’s be honest… I’m guessing T-Swifty has usually been hearing a lot of Game of Thrones and wants to do some ‘dragon from a ashes’ arrange of PR stunt.”

Snake or not, we CANNOT WAIT for Taylor’s new song!

[Image around ATP/WENN.]

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