Alec Baldwin Teases Return as Trump on ‘SNL’

The actor, who has been impersonated a boss all season, hinted that he’d reprise his purpose on Saturday night’s latest episode.

Alec Baldwin looks to be set to enclose a blonde wig and orange makeup of his President Donald Trump impersonation.

Baldwin, who has been appearing as Trump intermittently during this deteriorate of Saturday Night Live, tweeted a print of himself as Trump with a caption, “Tonight during 11:30. No apple-agizing…,” a anxiety to Baldwin’s characterization of Trump not meaningful a word “apologize” from an progressing sketch.

After a brief hiatus, SNL returned final week with horde Octavia Spencer. Baldwin’s Trump was absent from a episode, yet he had hosted a final show, a few weeks before in February.

SNL front during 11:30 p.m. ET.