Al Jazeera Reporter Says Doping Documentary "Not Making a Allegation Against Peyton Manning"

Al Jazeera contributor Deborah Davies seemed on NBC’s Today uncover Tuesday morning to serve urge a documentary a network aired Sunday night, The Dark Side: Secrets of a Sports Dopers, which, among other allegations, claims that mixed shipments of tellurian expansion hormone were sent to Peyton Manning’s wife, Ashley Manning.

But nonetheless reports have claimed a documentary suggests a Denver Broncos quarterback took a HGH his mother received, Davies simplified that Al Jazeera is “not creation a claim opposite Peyton Manning.”

“The usually claim in a module is that [pharmacist] Charlie Sly pronounced that expansion hormone was sent regularly from a [anti-aging clinic] Guyer [Institute] to Ashley Manning in Florida,” Davies said.

But as to because a documentary would singular out Ashley Manning in a review into doping in sports, Davies offering a ghastly explanation.

“On a one palm we have a criminialized drug being sent to a mother of one of a many famous football players in your country. On a other hand, we have a drug that is indeed bootleg to allot to a studious for anything other than one of 3 really critical illnesses,” Davies said, indicating out that Peyton Manning hasn’t denied that HGH was sent to his mother and arguing that Ashley Manning should indicate, but divulgence her medical history, either she perceived HGH for one of a 3 illnesses it ss used to provide or for some other, illegal, purpose.

“This is an hour-long documentary about doping in sport. Within that documentary, there is a really brief territory during a end. It’s a territory that everyone’s picked adult on. But that territory follows a really prolonged tour charting the review into criminialized substances, one of that is expansion hormone,” Davies added.

The Broncos quarterback has slammed any idea that he took HGH as “complete garbage.” But he also told ESPN, “Any medical treatments in my life that my mother receives, that’s her business. It had zero to do with me. Nothing that has ever been sent to her or that my mother has used have we ever taken. Absolutely not.”