Ajay Mayor and a tolerable conform of Raag

Ajay Mayor, Asha Sarabhai, Beej, Raag, Beej x Raag, Bungalow eight, malevich collection, kora collection, tanned express, tanned demonstrate newsAjay Mayor, Asha Sarabhai, Beej, Raag, Beej x Raag, Bungalow eight, malevich collection, kora collection, tanned express, tanned demonstrate news Raag comes to India for a initial time, after a pregnancy in 1975 by Asha Sarabhai. (Source: beejstore; bungaloweight/Instagram)

“There was always a wish to move Raag to India. Logistically, and from an organisational standpoint, things fell into place to capacitate us to do so in 2016, that is how Beej came to life”, explains Ajay Mayor, a male obliged for introducing a tolerable conform code to Indians.

Until now, Raag was partial of a general conform community. Japanese conform engineer Issey Miyake is famous to have collaborated with Gujarati weave engineer Asha Sarabhai in 1984 to launch her label, Asha underneath a Miyake Design Studio (MDS) in Tokyo. She also done Japan-inspired garments underneath Raag, that was widely exported during a time. Today, in an bid to revitalise a brand, Raag has been done available under the beejstore.com umbrella – that is run by her nephew Mayor.

We held adult with Mayor to learn some-more about a collection and his views on tolerable fashion.


How would we report Asha Sarabhai’s work?

I do not come from a weave or pattern credentials though was struck by a beauty, morality and meandering in Asha’s work. There is a virginity and probity that is immediately apparent. Everything is only so good resolved and thought-through and executed with extensive skill.

What was a impulse behind Raag’s latest collection?

The Malevich collection takes impulse from a Russian artist Kazimir Malevich, owner of a Suprematist movement. Placing importance on pristine artistic feeling, as against to cultured representation, a Suprematists used elementary shapes and colours in their compositions.

Simple silhouettes, primary colours and tessellating grids of geometric shapes, suggestive of Malevich’s work, conclude this collection. Featuring formidable techniques that element a purify lines and shapes, all a pieces are done with a excellent handloom fabrics.

What are a special elements enclosed in a Beej x Raag collection that has helped to keep a Indian identity?

All a garments underline signature Raag silhouettes and techniques, that are desirous by exemplary Indian textiles. Signature techniques such as retreat appliqué, a jali stitch, and pin-tucks can be seen via a collection. The try is to try new belligerent while staying loyal to Raag’s roots.

Tell us about a Kora collection.

The Kora Collection eliminates non-essential sum to concentration on comfort and functionality. Made wholly from natural, unbleached and undyed fabrics that are environmentally-friendly and peaceful on a skin, a collection is tangible by pointed sum such as a several white and cream hues of a healthy fibres and a opposite weights of a fabrics used.

What are a factors we deliberate in sequence to emanate a tolerable and reliable conform brand?

We started out with a idea of creation simple, durable, peculiarity products, in an reliable manner, that we wish would move pleasure to their users.

In a conform industry, it is common use for many aspects of prolongation to be outsourced. In such a situation, generally so in a building country, it is really tough to safeguard that a people creation your products are operative in a rational sourroundings and are being treated fairly. We were austere about wanting to make all a products wholly in-house. It enables us to pledge that those concerned in a creation of a garments get a satisfactory salary and work healthy hours in an sourroundings in that they are treated with grace and respect. Having approach control over all prolongation processes also enables us to say high-quality standards.


How do we consider a handloom zone will mount out from other quick conform brands?

Handloom fabrics, given their feel, breathability and how they age over time are pleasant to wear and have a lot of character. Because of these reasons many people have a clever welfare for them.

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