Aimee was left infirm after constrictive Group B Strep

Campaigners are job for all mums to be screened for Group B Strep in a bid to assistance save lives and forestall babies being left with disabilities.

Early Onset Group B Strep is a germ carried by mums that can be upheld onto babies. In many cases it is harmless, though it can means meningitis, sepsis and pneumonia in a initial week of a baby’s life.

According to a British Paediatric Surveillance Unit, 518 babies were innate with a infection in a year to Apr 2015, 27 died and dozens were left with disabilities. In a infancy of cases babies can be stable if a mom is given antibiotics during labour.

The Group B Strep Support gift wants all mums to be screened though a National Screening Committee has pronounced there is no box for it in a UK as a exam is not accurate adequate that would meant vast numbers of women holding antibiotics unnecessarily.

This shave is taken from 5 live Investigates, Sunday 5 Mar 2017.