Afghan army ‘kill Taliban fighters’

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Afghan army are battling to recapture Sangin from a Taliban

A internal Taliban commander and 50 fighters have been killed in overnight fighting in Sangin in Helmand province, a Afghan interior method says.

Government army have been perplexing to recapture a area from a Taliban, who contend they control a district.

Afghan officials contend they have retaken pivotal buildings in a counter-attack, and a US has carried out atmosphere strikes.

The method named a passed commander as Mullah Nasir, a playmate of Taliban personality Mullah Akhtar Mansour.

Strategically located, and a centre for drug production, Sangin would be a poignant benefit for a Taliban.

Fighting around a city escalated this week and by Wednesday a militants pronounced they had prisoner all of Sangin, pinning down supervision infantry in an army barracks.

This was denied by a Afghan counterclaim ministry, who pronounced fighting was stability and that reinforcements had been sent.

The interior method pronounced a Afghan army and infantry commandos launched an operation late on Wednesday, heading to a deaths of a Taliban commander and his fighters.

Several internal officials pronounced a district governor’s bureau and infantry domicile in Sangin’s centre had been retaken.

“Last night uninformed army arrived, they supposing ammunitions and food to army during a corps and launched a counterattack,” Helmand senator Hashim Alokozai said.

“They recaptured a district and infantry HQ and a bleeding were evacuated. We wish they will make serve swell today.”

It stays misleading either a Taliban are entirely in control of Sangin, with Afghan officials giving opposing information about a state of their advance.

US planes launched dual atmosphere strikes on Taliban positions shortly before midnight on Wednesday, a Nato orator said.

Siddiq Siddiqi, a orator for a Afghan interior ministry, denied to a BBC that officials were delayed to send reinforcements to Sangin.

A district infantry commander told a BBC on Monday his officers in Sangin were surrounded, though reinforcements did not arrive until late on Wednesday.

Why Sangin matters

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Afghan army opposite Helmand – here a policeman patrols Marjah district – have come underneath vigour from insurgents

  • Sangin is a abounding prolongation centre for drug in Helmand province
  • Helmand is a vital centre of a Taliban rebellion and borders Pakistan
  • Of a 456 UK infantry deaths in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2015, roughly a entertain were killed in and around Sangin
  • US and British infantry have been sent to Helmand in a final few days, though in an advisory purpose only

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Harsh lessons from Sangin

Who are a Taliban?

Despite a reports of Afghan supervision gains, a Taliban sojourn in control of vast tools of Helmand.

Sangin residents have been journey as a fighting worsens.

A tiny fortuitous of British infantry has been sent to Helmand “in an advisory role”, the British supervision pronounced on Tuesday.

Sangin saw roughly a entertain of British infantry fatalities during a UK’s fight goal in Afghanistan.

In September, the Taliban quickly overran a northern Afghan city of Kunduz in one of their biggest victories given 2001.