Adele Impersonator Clip Smashes BBC Records

Adele has crushed a series of annals over a past week, many surrounding sales of her latest manuscript 25. But a British thespian has now helped a BBC mangle a possess record for a video in that she’s not utterly herself.

A five-and-a-half notation clip, taken from a broadcaster’s Adele during a BBC TV special, sees a thespian enclose a prosthetic nose and chin to turn “Jenny” and contest in a feign try-out to find a best Adele impersonator. Coming on last, Jenny’s opening of “Make You Feel My Love” shortly sees a others competitors comprehend who they’re indeed listening to.

Uploaded to a BBC’s YouTube channel only hours after promote on Nov. 20, a shave has now been noticed 37 million times, a many for any video on a channel.

“I am vacant a blueprint has been so popular,” pronounced Talullah Windmill, one of a lookalikes who took partial in a video. “Even yet a day was one I’ll never forget, we never suspicion it would be watched by so many and be this good received. All a comments left are so lovely, it is truly overwhelming.”

The prior record hilt was another low-pitched clip: Will Smith, Alfonso Ribero and Jazzy Jeff behaving a thesis to Fresh Prince of Bel Air on The Graham Norton Show in 2013.

See a record-breaking Adele video below: