Adaptability is pivotal while bowling on Nagpur-like pitches, says Javagal Srinath

It’s not easy during all what Morne Morkel did in Nagpur. For someone who bowls brief day in day out, to adjust and change lengths was a good thing.

Adaptability is a key, of course, and that comes with experience, and Morkel is sincerely gifted these days.

Morkel did dual things good in a third Test. He didn’t get it too full — unless we are unequivocally healthy with that length, and can get it to retreat in unequivocally late, it’s tough to be effective with that line. As in, a batsmen can only take caring that his front feet doesn’t come opposite and play a unequivocally full ones well.

What Morkel did was that he got it on a length and that gave adequate time for a round to roughly cut in late. It was some-more like retreat join than retreat pitch — in a demeanour of speaking. That additional time means a round starts tailing in for that bit longer and a batsman now has to make accurate adjustments. For someone who isn’t Wasim Akram or Waqar Younis, this is a improved approach to do it.

Secondly, he got a round to retreat out some-more (the glossy side was kept out), and again it was good thinking. The balls will frequency lift to a slips on these marks and so we are left with only dual modes of dismissal: screw locate and lbw. He took it out, out, out, and out, set adult a batsmen to dedicate on that front foot, than bowled that one that comes in, cuts in late, can get him an lbw. Also he got Virat Kohli circumference to a wicketkeeper.

In a second innings, Morkel employed off-cutters with a new ball. So, before a retreat pitch could set in, he started regulating a cutters. People can go leg cutters or off – he went for a latter. The best abroad bowler with a cutters we saw was Chris Cairns. He was unequivocally unequivocally good with those cutters. Morkel wasn’t as good, though he did get a wicket of M Vijay. And again, it was something new he tried. So all a credit to him.