Actor Ramya underneath glow for skipping Ambareesh’s funeral, vacates her Mandya home

BJP files censure opposite Congress amicable media conduct Ramya
BJP files censure opposite Congress amicable media conduct Ramya Ramya underneath glow for staying divided from Ambareesh’s wake .

It seems actor-politician Ramya’s problems are distant from over. She recently courted a vital debate by not profitable her final respects in chairman to matinee statue Ambareesh, who was touted as her coach in films and politics. While she did share her upraise on her Twitter page, a fans took a really critical difference to her staying divided from a wake of a over superstar.

The Julie actor has cited her medical condition for her inability to compensate her final respects to Ambareesh. Weeks before a flitting of Ambareesh, Ramya had undergone a medicine to mislay a growth in her leg.

On Oct 19, she had posted a design of her bandaged feet on Instagram detailing her medical condition. “That’s me for a subsequent few weeks, what a bummer! though during slightest my feet is now swelling and cancer giveaway *awaiting biopsy*. If any of we feel pain in your body, go see a doc, don’t omit it like we did. Giant dungeon swelling of a tendon blanket is 1 in a million and mostly affects women, it’s soft and can spin malignant. Early showing is key. And my biggest doctrine to always listen to my physique #loveyourself. P.S will restart #nosugarchallenge on Monday (sic),” she had posted.

However, a fans were in no mood to listen to Ramya. She was subjected to heated trolling on amicable media, call her to make her Twitter comment untouched since.

The members of a Kannada film attention paid their respects to Ambareesh, who upheld divided on Nov 24. Superstars from other film industries such as Rajinikanth, Chiranjeevi, Mohan Babu also attended his funeral, that lasted for dual days.

In a light of a latest controversy, Ramya has vacated her rented residence during Vidya Nagar in Mandya. According to several reports, on Sunday night, her domicile equipment from a residence were installed in dual trucks and were changed to an different location.

It’s value observant that Ramya had rented a residence in Mandya about a year ago to pursue her interests in politics. According to reports, she wanted to competition new Lok Sabha by-elections from a constituency, from where she was initial inaugurated as MP in 2013.