Actor Debonita Sur accuses casting executive Vicky Sidana of passionate misconduct

Debonita Sur accuses Vicky Sidana of inapt bhevaiour me too movementDebonita Sur accuses Vicky Sidana of inapt bhevaiour me too movement Debonita Sur has indicted Vicky Sidana of passionate misconduct.

Debonita Sur is a latest in a list of actors who have indicted casting executive Vicky Sidana of passionate misconduct.

Sur initial met Sidana in 2014. Having already finished a name for herself in Kolkata TV attention and theatre, a actor was referred by her entertainment organisation to a casting executive for a film. Sidana afterwards had films like Special 26, Pyaar Ka Punchnama and Bodyguard to his credit.

The initial meeting, however, was a commencement of a array of upsetting experiences. “It was a initial outrageous knowledge we had in my whole life. we was repelled during how people functioned here in Mumbai and how it’s deliberate so normal for people to abuse women,” Sur said.

Debonita Sur met Vicky Sidana during his Lokhandwala office. The actor recalled, “The assembly went fine. He told me to come for an try-out a subsequent day. So, we motionless to leave. He told me that he was also going out, so we can go together. We both were in a conveyor and while articulate to me, his eyes were usually bound on my b***s. He was blatantly staring during them. we usually wanted to get out.”

Sur got a call from Sidana’s bureau a few days after for another project. “He told me, ‘You are really hot. What kind of work are we looking for?’ we told him that we was looking for good roles, even if they are small. So, a subsequent thing he asked me was if we would be gentle with everything. we accepted what he was removing at. we mean, who hasn’t listened of casting couch? So, we told him that we wasn’t critical about such nonsense.”

Few some-more days passed. On a day when a actor was in a center of a dubbing, she saw mixed missed calls from Sidana. Expecting it to be a work-related call, she called him back. “He told me that a executive was looking for a dusky, prohibited Bengali lady for an art-house film and it was an critical role. we suspicion it was cold and asked Vicky when we could come for a audition. He, instead, asked me to send him my prohibited pictures, observant a executive wanted to have a demeanour during them,” Sur said.

The actor combined she did not know what a casting executive meant when he asked her for ‘hot pictures’. “When we asked him what did it imply, he shot behind during me, ‘Don’t we know what prohibited cinema are?’ Assuming a few cinema from her photoshoot would suffice, she sent him those photos.

“After a few minutes, he called me and told me, ‘These are not prohibited pictures. we wish your cinema in your undergarments.’ we was shocked. we told him we did not have a bikini physique and we was never gentle with it so, we hadn’t got any such design done. we requested him to get my try-out bound with a executive and told him that if in a audition, we indispensable to wear any costume, we would since that would be for my role,” a actor said.

Vicky Sidana told Debonita Sur that he will speak to a executive though also asked a actor what would she do in box a executive did not determine with her. She said, “He afterwards started seeking me questions like where do we stay and if we stay alone. Then he suggested, ‘If we don’t mind, can we come to your residence tomorrow morning when no one would be there and click your cinema in undergarments?’ How brave he make such a offer to me? we told him we wasn’t gentle and cut a call immediately. It finished me feel so tiny that how can a man speak to me like this.”

Sur stopped contacting Sidana thereafter, though her friends suggested her opposite it. The actor said, “I was new. we was unfortunate for work. My friends told me that if we conflict on things that people contend here, we will make a lot of enemies. They told me to get behind in hold with him and dump him veteran texts so that we don’t divide work. we listened to them.”

In 2015, Sidana finished a call to Sur and in an approximately half-an hour conversation, explained to a actor how it is critical for her to be “comfortable with everybody in a industry, even if she doesn’t wish to nap with anyone.” “I didn’t contend most to him and listened to him usually since we didn’t wish to dissapoint him, though this enabled him to harass me more.” The casting director, apparently, would afterwards make several video calls to her during peculiar hours, that freaked her out.

“I never perceived any of his video calls. we was so ill of this behaviour. Just since we listened to him, he suspicion he could get friendlier with me. He would ask me to go on prolonged drives with him or have lunches/dinners with him, really good meaningful we had a particularly veteran rapport. Once we was during a marketplace with my crony Sumit and Vicky finished a video call. we pennyless down. we have had it enough.”

When reached out to Vicky Sidana for his comment, he initial purported that Debonita Sur was not “a right girl.” On being asked what is a basement of his inference, a casting executive said, “You know. The kind of people who we accommodate and usually know that they are not right. we met her once or twice and we knew we had to stay divided from her and so, we never entertained her.”

After a conversation, a casting executive sent us a screenshot of Sur’s WhatsApp summary to him antiquated Aug 23, 2017, in that she has asked him to accommodate for a project. The screenshot did not uncover Vicky’s respond to her.


“She pronounced we have indecently behaved with her dual years back. we have sent we a screenshot of 2017 August. So after what we have finished allegedly with her, because is she messaging me or seeking people to impute her name to me. It usually doesn’t supplement up. As we can tell from a image that we sent you, we did not perform her hence, there is no doubt of misbehaviour,” examination Vicky’s response.

When we checked with Sur, a actor concluded that she had sent him a message. She said, “So, once we was articulate to a writer-producer (kept unknown on request) who told me to get in hold with Vicky for a certain project. we told her that my knowledge with Vicky had not been good and so we wasn’t certain about it. So, she spoke to Vicky and told me he was fine with it and we could content him. That’s when we messaged him and also mentioned her reference. He did not respond to me. We have never interacted after that.”

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