Acrobat Performing At Green Day Show Plummets 100 Feet To His Death — And The Whole Thing Is Caught On Camera

This is a worst.

Pedro Aunion Monroy, a 42-year-old acrobat from Brighton, United Kingdom, fell some-more than 100 feet to his genocide on Friday night during a Green Day performance during a Mad Cool Festival in Madrid, Spain.

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Worse still, a collision — that took place high above a theatre in an bright enclosure in a center of a reverence to Prince — was held on video by fans there for a show.

The video itself opportunely doesn’t uncover a evident impact or aftermath, though it’s but impossibly differing and should usually be noticed with counsel by those who can hoop what they’re about to see (below):

So, so awful.

Monroy was a executive of a behaving humanities association in Brighton, in further to his work in performances like these.

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In another differing pierce after Monroy’s death, Green Day took a theatre and achieved reduction than a half hour after — since they were never sensitive that there was an collision or a genocide on a theatre only mins before.

WTF?! Who is using this festival??

Our thoughts and prayers are with Monroy’s family, friends, and desired ones. Clearly, so are a thoughts and prayers from Green Day, once they were finally sensitive of what happened (below):

Such a unhappy sign of tragedy and mankind during what should have been such a fun festival.

R.I.P., Pedro Aunion Monroy.

[Image around Patricia Schlein/WENN/YouTube.]

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