Aaron Carter Mental Breakdown? Read His Twitter Rant After Broken Heart

Aaron Carter wants fans to know his latest dissection is unequivocally removing to him. The singer took to Twitter after carrying his heart damaged to unleash utterly a diatribe about love. Could he be carrying a mental breakdown?

Poor Aaron Carter. The 28-year-old thespian is traffic with a damaged heart only before a holidays, he motionless to share his extinction with fans. But after he unleashed a lengthy, minute message, some people are endangered Aaron could be headed down a flattering dim path. See his summary below.

“Has anyone ever had their sad so bad that they feel it in other tools of their body? Like cold feelings in your stomach, emptiness? Love is a toughest thing we understanding with in my life,” Aaron wrote on his Twitter during a moody to Chicago. “I’m constantly misunderstood and judged for my past, I’m a unequivocally supportive man and approbation sceptical and uncertain during times means we know I’m a spare dude. All of a stress things I’ve been by has been about my relationship, I’ve only hid it from we all.”

Adding that he always tries to be a improved chronicle of himself, Aaron certified that his “heart is shattered” after his dissection left him “completely devastated.” Although he mentioned no names, he positively called out his ex for her faults.

“Don’t ever be w anyone who doesn’t wish to hear you’re feelings. It will always finish bad. It did for me,” Aaron continued. “Be with someone who is merciful and cares about creation we feel happy. You should never be with someone who tells we to ‘shut a f— up’ since your angry means we couldn’t speak to them for 7 hours when I’m NOT even being unpleasant myself. You should never be w someone who hangs adult on we and leaves we feeling unsettled or unused all since they’re too juvenile to hoop fight like an adult…I’m ill of it.”

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Yikes, no consternation Aaron is so heartbroken. As if he hadn’t thrown adequate shade, Aaron finished his post with, “You know who we are. You pennyless my heart.”

Although it positively seems Aaron competence not be traffic with his dissection so well, he almost immediately shielded his purpose for essay a summary on his Twitter. Declaring that he did not have a “mental breakdown,” Aaron pronounced that he was simply only expressing himself.

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“I get judged on a daily and that’s OK this is my life and my feelings,” he tweeted. “Expressing yourself is a good thing to do, for ME, it allows me to opening and be myself, with my song too as good as all we mount for.”

Aaron mentioned in his strange summary that his onslaught with adore heavily shabby his new music. After being so open in a elementary Twitter message, we’re positively meddlesome to see what Aaron has in store!

Would we cruise Aaron’s summary a “mental breakdown,” HollywoodLifers? What do we consider about all he said? Share your thoughts below!