Aanchal Khurana: Why dream about Bollywood when we am doing sincerely good on television

Aanchal KhuranaAanchal Khurana While Aanchal Khurana comes opposite as a honeyed and bubbly chairman in genuine life, it’s startling to see her ace her disastrous characters like a pro.

Don’t go by a trusting looks of immature lady Aanchal Khurana, as she can renovate herself into a meanest as shortly as a camera starts rolling. After personification a disastrous lead in shows like Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke, Sarojini and Meri Saasu Maa, a actor is behind as a mermaid in TV array Zindagi Ki Mahek. With a uncover being filmed in a capital, a actor is confronting a tough time traffic with a heat. “I fell indisposed recently since of sharpened prolonged hours in this sun. But yes, it’s also fun since we am removing a bit of time after container up, as now a marks have been divided between a actors,” she common in an disdainful discuss with indianexpress.com.

Since Aanchal is from Delhi, we wondered if it’s a bonus to be operative and staying in a comfort of family. “Apart from removing my lunches ready, there’s frequency any time we am removing with them. When we go home, it’s already late and we have to leave early in a morning, so it’s not unequivocally helping. When we was in Mumbai, we used to call my mom any day, and a same goes here, so we am still in hold with her, customarily over phone,” she shared.

While Aanchal Khurana comes opposite as a honeyed and bubbly chairman in genuine life, it’s startling to see her ace her disastrous characters like a pro. Saying that it all came suddenly, Aanchal shared, “I unequivocally didn’t wish to do disastrous shades though when my impression in Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke became a hit, we was surprised. we suffer doing it now for customarily a leads in serials are mostly good though vamps have a lot to do. we competence be doing grey shades though we also assure that nothing of my roles are identical and try adding opposite nuances to any one of them.”

Aanchal Khurana

Aanchal Khurana

“When we start receiving hatred mails, that’s when we know we am doing my pursuit good (smiles). The other day, after saying some of my heated scenes, my mom told me that she is now frightened of me. Now it does strike you, though afterwards we also realize that this is your job. And it’s a good attainment to know that you’ve managed to do it convincingly well,” she added.

Interestingly, Aanchal Khurana has had no grave training and she believes that watching people is a best approach to learn acting. “Firstly, we never wanted to be an actor, we customarily wanted to acquire a lot of income (laughs). But yes, we have always celebrated people around me and that unequivocally helps me in removing into a skin of any character. we have seen drug addicts, psycho people in my hometown and we try to gulp their traits into my roles.”

The immature actor forayed into a party attention by Roadies, and even managed to win deteriorate 8. When asked what keeps her divided from existence shows, Aanchal sighed to say, “I so wish to do Bigg Boss though we have no controversies that would lead me there. we am unequivocally veteran when it comes to work, and so all these years, there have been no report about me and so nobody approaches me for it. As for adventures, we suffer travelling and indulging in a lot of outside sports, so that is good taken caring of.”

Lastly, when we asked Aanchal Khurana if she too harbours a dream of saying herself on a large screen, she quipped, “Not really. See there are already a lot of immature talent now and with so many star kids creation their debut, there’s no space for outsiders like us. And when we are doing a sidekick, we won’t even be paid well. So because should we dream about Bollywood when we am already doing sincerely good for myself on television, both monetarily and creatively.”

Zindagi Ki Mahek front Monday-Friday 8 pm on Zee TV, and also stars Samiksha Jaiswal and Karan Vohra in a lead roles.

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