Aamir Khan brings a best of Salman and Shah Rukh’s worlds

aamir khan birthday
aamir khan birthday Aamir Khan will applaud his 54th birthday tomorrow today.

A vast partial of a stream era has grown adult on a solid diet of 3 Khans in Bollywood. Starting from a 80s, we have seen their films, review tabloids about dual of them fighting and a third one perplexing to make amends. Their bromance on shade and off shade both has enticed us for years and we’re still not over it.

While Salman started as a boy-next-door Prem and gradually changed into a Bhai zone, Shah Rukh, for a many part, has confirmed his partner child image. Aamir Khan, though, never fell into a box that limited him. We knew what we were in for when we went for a Salman Khan film in a 90s, a shirtless act was utterly a fury behind then. We were also prepared to tumble in adore any time we saw Shah Rukh Khan romancing on shade though it was with Aamir that a assembly was always in for a surprise.

Be it a uncle in Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke or a tapori in Rangeela, Aamir put something new on a list and that customarily worked in his favour.

Undoubtedly, there are large fans of Shah Rukh and Salman though we have mostly seen on amicable media that a fan groups of these actors are always waging fight on any other. But when it comes to Aamir his films, a assembly unites.

In a past few years, these 3 have risen to a stardom that is unprecedented. Hindi film attention had never seen 3 actors order consistently for 3 decades. Now, Salman has combined a new genre for himself, a films that prominence him as a favourite and where he can get divided with anything. Shah Rukh, on a other hand, has consciously been perplexing to mangle out of his partner child picture though sadly, has not found coherence yet.

Here, Aamir takes divided a cake. He can bulk adult and be a Sanjay Singhania of Ghajini and can also play a college child in 3 Idiots.

With any film he does, he brings in his constant assembly and they aren’t there only for him. In fact, they are there to suffer a film as good that isn’t always loyal for Salman or Shah Rukh’s audience. The essence of all his films is so starkly opposite from one another that a spectator is simply in since he trusts Aamir’s judgment.

Salman and Shah Rukh offer incomparable than life anticipation that feels other-worldly though Aamir offers stories that engage. He competence not be a favourite in those though still, his participation creates them improved (Taare Zameen Par Secret Superstar). The former’s fans adore them blindly though for Aamir’s fans, they stay unchanging since Aamir creates it a indicate to stir them over and over again.

In his three-decade-long career, Aamir Khan has warranted a tab of Mr Perfectionist and that too, but stereotyping himself. In an attention where actors are famous repeating their strike formulas over and over again, Aamir Khan is personification his possess game, that is a singular feat.