A witty rhino as mascot, a Hazarika strain as thesis for 12th South Asian Games

South Asian Games, South Asian Games 2016, 2016 South Asian Games, Bhupender Hazarika, Hazarika, sports news, sports Tikhor a rhino calf appears in a blue cap, red T-shirt, and blue shorts as a mascot of a 12th South Asian Games. (Source: PTI)

Tikhor, a rhino calf as a sharp, naughty, sporty, and complicated boy, was on Sunday here announced as a mascot for a arriving 12th South Asian Games that will be hold concurrently in Guwahati and Shillong from Feb 6 to 16, 2016. A Bhupen Hazarika strain on a other palm has been comparison as a thesis strain of a event.

Unveiling a mascot Tikhor, along with a trademark of a eventuality – a flower with 8 petals representing a 8 participating nations – jointly with Assam arch apportion Tarun Gogoi, kinship sports apportion Sarbananda pronounced Tikhor not usually represented an enterprising all-rounder, though would also concentration on a healthy birthright of a Northeast in a form of a rhino calf.

“With normal and sporty costumes, Tikhor would be personification all games and welcoming each new thought in sports,”he said. The rarely involved one-horned rhinoceros is also a state animal of Assam.

Tikhor incidentally is a renouned impression in Assamese folk literature, who total in a story called “Tikhor aru Chutibai”immortalized by Sahityarathi Lakshminath Bezbaroa, a doyen of complicated Assamese novel in“Burhi Aair Sadhu” – a initial collection of Assamese folk stories published some-more than 100 years ago. Tikhor, a naughty, enterprising waif boy, not usually plays several pranks in a story, though by dint of his participation of mind also helps his sister Chutibai tarry all contingency including fighting a tiger that had plotted to eat them.

While Tikhor a rhino calf appears in a blue cap, red T-shirt, and blue shorts as a mascot of a 12th South Asian Games, it was another rhino called Rangman – a happy chairman with a smiling face picked adult from a series of Bhupen Hazarika songs of a 1960 – that was a mascot for a 33rd National Games hold here in 2007. While a mascot, designed by Anant Khasbardar of Kolhapur, has been comparison from among 450 entries by a organizing committee, a trademark has been designed by Abhijeet Krishna of NIFT Patna.

Sonowal also pronounced that while about 4500 athletes and officials from 8 nations were approaching to attend in 23 opposite events during 10-day prolonged Games, it would also foster Guwahati and Shillong – and with them a Northeastern segment as a traveller end in a 7 other countries.

“The Northeastern segment is a full of diversities and we need to strengthen these diversities by compelling togetherness and South Asian Games would be a right height to foster togetherness among a South Asian countries,” Assam arch apportion Tarun Gogoi said.

Bhupen Hazarika song

Meanwhile, a Bhupen Hazarika strain has been comparison as a thesis strain for a 12th South Asian Games. Written approach behind in Dec 1995, a strain – ‘Ei prithivi ekhan krirangan/krira hol shantir prangan’ (This universe is a stadium and sports is a pitch of peace) – is being translated into during slightest 8 languages to paint a 8 participating nations.

“Bhupen Hazarika was such a versatile lyricist and thespian that he had stoical a strain fitting roughly all kinds of tellurian activities. While he wrote this strain approach behind in 1995, it fits so good with a really suggestion of a South Asian Games that also intends to foster assent and team-work among a community nations, that it appears as if he (Hazarika) had stoical it specifically for this occasion,” kinship sports apportion Sonowal said. (ends)