91-year-old male kills his pestilent ill mother of 60 years

91-Year-Old Man Fatally Shoots Wife of 60 Years to End Her Suffering

A 91-year-old male was arrested for murdering his mother of over 60 years in a bedroom of a Texas retirement home where they lived. He reportedly wanted to end a woman’s suffering.

Nelson Harvey on Saturday allegedly shot and killed his 93-year-old wife, Evelyn, who had been pang from a depot illness, according to reports.

Harvey allegedly reported a genocide of his mother to caretakers during a Monte Vista during Coronado retirement core and gave them a firearm, El Paso military said.

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Harvey told a home health caring workman doing a daily check on a integrate around 8 a.m. Sunday that his mother “had upheld divided though he did not yield any details,” the El Paso Times reported.

Thinking that a lady had died from her illness in her sleep, a workman left.

A administrator who checked in on a male during 11:3 0 a.m. detected Evelyn Harvey fibbing in her bed with a gunshot wound to a behind of a head, according to a paper.

Harvey, who was found sleeping on a cot in a room, “informed them that a plant had died during a march of a night and done anxiety that he was tired of her suffering so he shot her,” a Times wrote.

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He reportedly told justice officers that he has no family and that his usually friends during a retirement home are in their 80s or older.

Harvey was arrested by El Paso military on guess of murder and was jailed underneath a $25,000 bond.

Information for his profession was not immediately available. It was not transparent if he had entered a plea.

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