’90s Candy Enthusiasts, Brace Yourselves For a BEST Upgrade to Sour Patch Kids

’90s Candy Enthusiasts, Brace Yourselves For a BEST Upgrade to Sour Patch Kids

It’s tough to suppose an alleviation to Sour Patch Kids, though a new pleasant chronicle has managed to infer us wrong. One of a favorite childhood candies has gotten a coconutty upgrade, and we’re totally on board. The new Sour Patch Kids Tropical are accessible national commencement in Mar for $2 per bag, and any bag includes 4 sparkling flavors: pinkish (paradise punch), white (pineapple), orange (tropical twist), and purple (passion fruit). After perplexing a new pleasant Kids for ourselves, we’re desirous to container a bags for a tropical vacation and sip on piña coladas while snacking on a fruity candy.

Curious as to how a strange Sour Patch Kids ambience in comparison to those with a pleasant twist? Here’s what some of a proprietor ’90s candy enthusiasts had to say.

  • “So good! May get old, though a good brew from a unchanging flavor.”
  • “Sour with a pleasant coconut kick!”
  • “Fun, different flavors. More green than usual.”
  • “I like a switch-up and fruitiness . . . not super sour.”
  • “Nothing beats a original, though we adore these.”

It’s adult for discuss either a Tropical Sour Patch Kids are some-more or reduction green than a original, though your mouth will rumple adult in a green prodigy regardless. We adore a pineapple-loaded season of a white pieces, a citrus season blast of a orange, and a brilliance of a pink. Get prepared to see these on store shelves soon, and be prepared to learn a intensity new favorite.

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