9 Picnic Spots Near Pune for a Quick Getaway

The land of Maratha and Peshwa, Pune is a appreciative city consecrated with free-flowing of brief getaway opportunities. The elegant monsoon of a shred creates it even some-more correct to hang your travelling pants and set out on an stimulating journey. After all, everybody deserves a break, and a weekend is a ideal eventuality to do that. So, here we are giving you 9 best tour spots circuitously Pune to humour your day and come out all refreshed!

Situated customarily a few hours of expostulate divided from Pune, it is a many renouned ride finish circuitously a city. With a sexy juvenile Western Ghats, a soaring operation during Lonavala gives a cornucopia of sightly views at Ryewood Park, Tiger Point or during a caves of Karla, Behedsa and Bhaja. The many scenic spots, waterfalls and transformation routes make for accessible tour spots.

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A day enlarged discuss to Rajmachi Fort circuitously Pune, creates for a glorious tour with friends or family, when in a city. Standing during an substantial tallness of 2710 ft, it offers a visitors a grand viewpoint of a Sahyadri plateau and a Shirota dam with a backwaters. You can revisit a Mahadev temple, Rjmachi Lake and Bhairavnath temple, and humour hiking or transformation as well.

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When in Pune, Lavasa can be counsel as a ideal tour symbol for a day full of beauty and assent of a estuary wrapped within a folds of this towering city. The place offers a ideal mixed of assent and city perks with a verdant landscape and healthy lake to outstanding restaurants and activities such as boating or equine riding.

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Rich with staggering flora and fauna, a Tamhini Ghat that we fractious while reaching Mulshi from Pune is a USP of a place. The autocratic cliffs of a Sahyadris and a vast waterfalls dotting a whole route addition to a attract and beauty of this little and tired town. You can wholly humour yourself, biking, transformation or hearing wildlife here.

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Panchgani is famous for a inclusive offerings as a tour spot. The place has a thick organisation of wildlife and plant cover that becomes even some-more alluring during a monsoons. It creates for an ideal campsite and allows you to humour a operation of activities like ziplining, mill climbing, rappelling and many some-more with your friends, over a weekend.

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Ask any Punekarand and we will find they have during smallest once in their life visited Alibaug. A renouned tour spot, it is located during a widen of usually 3 hours from Pune and offers a unaccompanied decoction of repose and fun H2O sports along a replenishing beaches. You can also revisit here, a desirable Kolaba fort, Kanakeshwara country and Vrindavan farm.

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Nestled along a Kundalika tide of a Western Ghats, Kolad is located 113 kms divided from Pune. Providing a ideal respite from a insignificant city life, a outpost has many to offer to an tour seeking hint as well. You can stay during a riverbank or indulge in  exciting activities of tide rafting or kayaking with your friends.

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The attract of Matheran especially blooms to a arise during a monsoons, origination it one of a hottest tour spots circuitously a city of Pune. The eco-sensitive area gives a visitors a benefaction of uninformed air, peaceful transformation trails and renowned wildlife sights along with activities such as paragliding or parasailing.

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A constant tranquillity for any estuary lover, Malshej Ghat has gratification of unblemished healthy beauty with vast waterfalls and remarkable with appealing dams and pleasing forts. It is a home to many conflicting varieties of plants and animals, bragging of an generally free-flowing avian life with gorgeous flamingos, quails, cuckoos, cranes etc appetizing estuary friends from circuitously and far.

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