5 Things To Know About ‘Saturday Night Live’s Newest Addition – Hollywood Life

The deteriorate premiere of ‘Saturday Night Live’ is scarcely on us and they’re creation some last-minute additions to cast! Here’s all we need to know about Luke Null, a dear blueprint comedy show’s newest member!

Dying to watch a deteriorate premiere of Saturday Night Live on Sept. 30 with horde Ryan Gosling, 36, and song guest JAY-Z, 47! Trust us, we are not alone! But before atmosphere time arrives, we need to get to know Luke Null, 27! He’s only been combined to a expel and we feel we’d improved get informed with this man before he becomes a domicile name! So here’s 5 things everybody should know about this rising star! Head here for some-more pics from deteriorate 43 of SNL!

1) Luke is all about Chicago. It creates clarity since that’s where he honed his chops as a performer during a iO Theater. It’s a training core for improv talent. And if those common beginnings are any indication, afterwards he is unfailing for good things! Why? Because everybody from Stephen Colbert, 53, to Chris Farley to Amy Poehler, 46, spent some time during a iO Theater!

2) He’s also a outrageous sports fan! His Instagram comment is installed with visits to sparkling sporting events. Whether it’s teenager fasten soccer or a ball game, he’s down for it! Based on his accounts alone, we’re also going to gamble he’s lustful of puppies and pints of lager! But, really, who isn’t!?

3) Apparently he was unfailing to be on SNL! According to Luke’s mom Cindy Null, an facile propagandize clergyman during Kings’ South Lebanon Elementary in Maineville, Ohio, fasten a prestigious comedy uncover is a dream come loyal for her son. “He has always wanted to be on Saturday Night Live,” she told a Journal-News. He started behaving and being in plays in youth high … taught himself how to play a guitar and he indeed spoke of it, observant he would adore to be on Saturday Night Live.” Aw!

4) He has mastered Twitter. No, really. His comedic chops are on full arrangement in 140-character posts that spirit during some shining fun  to come. For instance: “Went to a happening teller who likely that they were going to re-release Fred Claus in theaters. TRUST IN THE SUPERNATURAL.” What?! Love it!

5) He distinguished removing on SNL in a cutest approach probable — with champagne! He and his GF Kaitlin Cady Shultz took a bottle of a bubbly to a tiny patio where he sprayed it all over a cars below! Afterwards he said, “We’re going to Disney World!” Indeed we are.

HollywoodLifers, are YOU formulation to balance in for a deteriorate premiere!? Take a notation to get informed with Luke’s new expel friends Chris Redd, 32, and Heidi Gardner as well!