5 Reasons Why Yolanda Foster Could Dethrone Kris Jenner In 2016!

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Yolanda Foster might be battling lyme disease, nonetheless it hasn’t stopped her from environment a theatre for an epic 2016!

Not usually is Yolanda a mommy to famous models Bella and Gigi Hadid, nonetheless she has turn a amicable media maven in further to her purpose on a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Let’s usually contend Foster has turn utterly a title builder these days!

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So, could a blonde unseat America’s #1 momager Kris Jenner in 2016? Here’s 5 reasons because this could turn a genuine possibility! Watch out, K.J.!

1. Yolanda’s Single Ready To Mingle

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While Yol’s separate from song exec David Foster was a barbiturate AND a surprise, it sets her adult for a few luscious storylines. Not usually are people extraordinary as to how a divorce will play out, we also wish to know who a indication will be dating next.

Jenner’s immature beloved Corey Gamble is aged news during this indicate — Y.F.’s subsequent beloved is unequivocally where it’s at! Considering Yolanda’s final dual husbands were crazy rich, it would be engaging to see her friendly adult to a struggling artistic type…we’ll see!

2. Famous Babies

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Gigi and Bella are dual of a hottest models in a biz right now. From voluptuous photoshoots to enthralling dating lives (Zayn Malik, The Weeknd), a girls are always giving us something to speak about.

As prolonged as a poetic ladies are attack a red carpets, so will Yolanda. The momma will always be famous by association!

3. Endless Promotion

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If there’s one thing Yolanda loves, it’s Instagram. Girl can’t get adequate of posting selfies or #humblebrags about her 3 kiddos. In fact, a beauty posts some-more than Kris during this indicate that is indeed shocking! Yolie has even common pics of her girls snuggling adult to their famous BFs!

4. Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

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At this point, Jenner puts adult no fronts about who she is and her goals — she’s a self-proclaimed momager by and through. Yolanda, on a other hand, unequivocally plays adult her credentials as a common lady from Holland with large dreams. On RHOBH, Yol seems like an unassuming, gentle, and girl-next-door type, a finish conflicting of Kris’ cutthroat image. Even nonetheless we consider there’s some-more to Foster than what meets a eye, her stream picture is some-more appealing and commercial than her competitors.

The open has nonetheless to be cloyed by Yolanda’s persona!

5. Drama, Drama, DRAMA.

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Once you’re on the RH, you’re insincere to be down for drama, anywhere and anytime. Not usually is Yolanda stirring adult play on a show, she also has a divorce in a works, and 3 kids primed for a headlines. Translation: Foster’s life is luscious right now. Girl also isn’t fearful to chuck down as evidenced by her fights on a show.

So, do YOU consider Yolanda is set to take Kris’ momager throne? Sound off in a comments!

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