5 Hacks For Landing Yourself a Guest Pass to Reality Food TV Shows


Have we ever dreamed of dining during Hell’s Kitchen or wanted to be a guest on a set of your favorite reality food show? we reached out to a source who gave us some glorious insider info on how to measure a guest pass . . . as good as how to conduct your expectations once you’re finally on a set. Be warned: we competence not get fed (for hours or even not during all), so don’t go hungry.

  1. Befriend someone — anyone — operative on a show. They have entrance to a engagement group and can make certain we get invited to a taping.
  2. Check Twitter! Top Chef: California indeed invited a ton of their guest around amicable media, and a initial to respond were rewarded with perplexing out some juicy food.
  3. Craigslist? Yep, interestingly adequate it’s a good place to post unknown and deceptive invites that outcome in a innumerable of brave guest who are diversion for anything.
  4. On Hell’s Kitchen, we competence or competence not indeed get fed. While there is a full culinary staff of veteran chefs operative behind a scenes to get a grill adult and using any night, a kitchen on a uncover is still a categorical kitchen. When Gordon yells, “Kitchen closed,” that’s it. It’s a play of visiting HK.
  5. One of a best episodes of Top Chef Just Desserts was deteriorate 2, part 4, when they combined a room of Pure Imagination formed wholly in a mind of Willy Wonka. As a guest, while we competence be watchful in holding for hours somewhere on a studio lot, once we enter a “scene” they’ve set up, we unequivocally are walking into a enchanting knowledge where we can and are speedy to perform all your kid-like desires.

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