20 years of Dil Toh Pagal Hai: When Yash Chopra pronounced Shah Rukh Khan pours out his heart on-screen

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Director Yash Chopra’s films are famous for presenting tellurian emotions like never before. Dil Toh Pagal Hai is one such gem that he has given to a industry. The film, that expelled in 1997, has finished a tour of dual decades and in these twenty years, Dil Toh Pagal Hai has been means to stay as uninformed as ever in a memories. Whether it is witty Shah Rukh Khan as Rahul, seemly Madhuri Dixit as Pooja or bubbly Karisma Kapoor as Nisha, any and any impression is etched in a memories.

Not many know that this film was promoted as Yash Chopra’s initial low-pitched film. And of course, it deserves that pretension since only like a film, a songs are iconic too. We are certain many of we have danced to ‘Legayi Legayi’ during your school’s Annual Day events and danced underneath a sleet on ‘Chak Dum Dum’.

There was romance, a immature vibe to a judgment and a treatment, and a credentials of low-pitched theatre plays, that was never attempted before. While a film has many firsts, these creation videos of a film are for certain to make we nostalgic. In a video, we see a song maestros Uttam Singh and lyricist Anand Bakshi, and a iconic and genuine intrigue king, Yash Chopra. All 3 of them speak about how they done a song of a film, how a whole film was conceptualised. As a contention goes on, Yash Chopra recalls because he took Shah Rukh Khan to play a lead in his film for a third time after Darr and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

“Shah Rukh is an glorious actor and over that, an glorious tellurian being. His integrity comes on-screen effortlessly,” Yash Chopra pronounced about SRK.

The 51-year-old actor about a executive said, “He is so contented and enterprising during a shoot, any time. And there is this uncanny kind of appetite in him. He is so relaxed. When he creates a film, it is only that and zero else is function around a world.”

Shah Rukh and Yash Chopra’s intercourse is zero new to a audience. The dual have always dignified any other. In fact, in these creation videos, Shah Rukh and Yash Chopra are a steer to see.

The funniest impulse is a time when Yash Chopra is romancing Shah Rukh to make him know what and how to express. Shah Rukh admits that Dil Toh Pagal Hai is another step towards gaining certainty as an actor as a film and his impression concerned a lot of underplaying and a lot reduction of over performance. He credited Yash Chopra for removing it mark on.


The executive calls this a film of feel, emotions and words. And after 20 years, a hint stays a same. While we skip a participation of Yash Chopra among us, we appreciate him for giving us such films to cherish.

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