11 One Day Picnic Spots Near Mumbai To Set Your Weekend


Need a smack from a solidify jungle of Mumbai yet can’t means to take a vacation? Want a smack from a insignificant slight yet magnitude got a time or ardour to make enlarged ride plans? Well then, since not take a brief debate out of a annoying city, for a day of finish rejuvenation! We are giving we some good options of one day journey spots circuitously Mumbai that are certain to modernize we yet wasting many of your time in travelling.

Distance: 25 kms
Travel Time: 1 hr
Located tie to a Gateway of India, a island of Elephanta is customarily an hour enlarged parcel boyant divided from a South Mumbai. It houses 3 appreciative cove temples built during a 5th-18th century controlling a finish mill rupturing method. The largest of a temples is a Shiva church that houses a 3 headed statue of Lord Shiva, also famous as Mehsamurthi.

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Distance: 49 kms
Travel Time: 1.5-2 hrs
Situated circuitously to a renouned Gorai beach, it is as appreciative an island as a former yet rebate crowded. Though H2O sports or swimming here are not a good option, yet mostly called as mini Goa, Manori has excess to offer in terms of stately beach, loose sourroundings and preference activities.

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Distance: 47.3 kms
Travel Time: 1.5 hrs
One of a many renouned one day journey spots circuitously Mumbai, Karnanla Bird Sanctuary is a ideal choice of trekkers. A out-of-date and elegant region, ideal for family picnics, a retreat serves as a home to about 150 category of birds. Situated tie to Panvel, it can simply be reached by inner trains as well.

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Distance: 76.2 kms
Travel Time: 1.5-2 hrs
Known for a fresh beauty, Durshet is set in a midst of slow country and a towering operation of Sahyadris. One of a best journey spots circuitously Mumbai, it lets we soak in a assent of a environs, humour elegant sprays from a waterfalls and take estuary walks along a Amba river, along with gift many debate activities like tide crossing, or mill climbing here.

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Distance: 120.8 kms
Travel Time: 2-2.5 hrs
Situated amidst a Sahyadri Hills, it is a pacific tiny towering sinecure in Western Ghats. Ideal to give a droughty hint of a city dweller a many indispensable respite, Igatpuri offers we with a fascinating landscape dotted agreeably with ancient ruins, temples, slow forests and pacific transformation paths.

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Distance: 130 kms

Travel Time: 3hrs
Located in a Sindhudurg district of a sate, Savarkut Village is one of a many famous one day journey spots circuitously Mumbai for all debate seekers. You can humour a operation of activities here in a Vaitarna river, including kayaking, rapelling and white tide rafting for an unmatched believe of adrenaline surge. The sexy verdure of a closeness and a purging waters of a tide make for an equally incalculable sight.

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Distance: 67 kms
Travel Time: 1 hr 40 min
This Portugese designation of Vasai is graphic any orther of a peers that we competence find meagre all over Maharashtra. The unaccompanied pattern and a palliate patrol around it are thankful for a high popularity. People apply from circuitously areas to make brief films or even to simply chill in a quitude. A unaccompanied day debate is ideal given it can get definitely dangerous during night time.

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Distance: 111.2 kms
Travel Time: 2 hrs 40 min
Emerging as one of a many sought one day journey spots circuitously Mumbai, Pawna Lake is tucked divided among a Sahyadri hills. It gives a visitors a monumental viewpoint of a Pawna dam amidst a estuary widespread around. Apart from a healthy beauty we can also humour here, a several H2O activities like boating or parasailing.

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Distance: 101.7 kms
Travel Time: 1 hr 56 min
Often called ‘paragliders’ paradise’, Kamshet is a famous as a solo day journey symbol from Mumbai. The small village with a normal huts, realistic healthy beauty, dim caves and mislaid aged forts emanate a special place of their possess in a visitors’ hearts. Besides this, people from all over a republic and even over off come here to humour paragliding.

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Distance: 126.6 kms
Travel Time: 3 hrs
Snuggled in a core of sexy juvenile hills and uncountable waterfalls, Malshej Ghat forms a fascinating towering station, set customarily 3 hours divided from a bustling Mumbai. Perfect for any estuary mate, this scenic journey symbol offers a lot of activities to do here like hiking, transformation or hearing a infinite category of avian life.

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Distance: 170.3 kms
Travel Time: 3.5 hrs
Not usually a finish yet a debate to Sula vineyards is equally indulging. The expostulate by a expressway creates for a cheerful boyant while a grape stomping and a tasting of drink amidst a elegant backdrop of vineyard creates for an enriching experience.

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So, get prepared to humour a good weekend with one of these stately getaway spots circuitously Mumbai.


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